Google chrome is undoubtedly one of the most used browser in the world and hence it is also the most subjected to being invaded by cyber criminals and bullies. If you use google chrome as your go-to browser from day to day then you cannot compromise your web information and activity to be invaded by privacy threats. And this can only be achieved with the help of a best free vpn for chrome

Even though you could also opt for a paid von for chrome, a best free vpn for chrome allows you to use the service on trial basis until you make your mind about the service. And later one you can choose whether or not to continue to the paid version or even stick to the still same free version of best free vpn for chrome. So without further delay here are best free vpn for chrome in 2022

ZenMate VPN 

Rated as one of the best free VPN for chrome zenmate has great features. You can download the extension to your chrome browser and surf any website you want to without any trouble. This VPN uses high level encryption to ensure all of your sensitive information is save from threats and your IP address is completely hidden from internet predators. You can surf unlimited data without having to reveal your information anywhere. 

Providing complete anonymity this VPN service is great if you are looking for a secure yet free way to keep your online activity and information completely safe. Whether you are using public Wi-Fi or a safe private network, the ZenMate VPN will rake privacy to a whole new level. 

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Nord VPN 

NordVPN is a dependable, light-weight virtual private network extension that gives you unrestricted mobility, privacy, and security without bogging down your laptop. Similarly, if you are unable to uninstall web WebRTC, you can install the NordVPN plugin, which permanently disables WebRTC. No one will be able to find out your IP address if you use this feature. However, with over 5,200 servers, it also serves as a virus and ad blocker. In conclusion, NordVPN should be your first option if you want different VPN features for free all in one box.

Cyber Ghost

This best free vpn for chrome service has over 4000 servers located in 58 different countries so the chances of your IP address being discovered are zero to none. This VPN service provides a 256 bit encryption and complete anonymity. Although it connects to your logs but it doesn’t mean your privacy is compromised in any way. The chrome extension for this VPN is free but you can also download the paid versions and enjoy even better features. 

You can easily choose your own server location and this provides you complete trust and security when it comes to hiding your sensitive information and online history. 

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For Chrome users, Betternet is a popular free VPN proxy. Betternet is a popular Chrome extension since it does not include any log-in information, credit card information, or registration. You just need to install this extension once, and you’ll have access to a completely free Chrome VPN service for the rest of your life. Another great thing about Betternet is that it does not bring unnecessary ads and avoids interrupting your browsing activities. 


RusVPN has more than 338 VPN servers spread across five continents. About the fact that it offers a range of premium products, the free VPN Chrome extension is available to all Chrome users. Its decent speed, secure online browsing security, and ease of switching location options are the key reasons for ranking it first among free VPN extensions.

Hola VPN

A single click chrome extension, this VPN is easy to use and is one of the fastest VPN out there when we talk about best free VPN for chrome. This service can unblock any website or browse hundreds of hidden to open websites and you can enjoy complete anonymity. This service is available in both app and web format which makes this VPN one of the best choices out there. 

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Hot Spot Shield

Hotspot Shield is a free app with amazing functionality. Yes, this VPN not only acts as a VPN, but it also acts as an ad blocker. Furthermore, Hotspot Shield is totally free to download for PC or browsers in order to keep your data secure, escape censorship, achieve high-level protection, and access your favorite web content.


VeePN is one of the strongest and best free VPN for Chrome in 2022, with over 2500 servers and about 50 server locations. Chrome not only allows for smooth browsing and uploading, but it also has a no-logs policy and military-grade encryption. Unlike other free VPN extensions in that it does not block the bandwidth or traffic. It may be a really secure addition, if you want to protect your browsed data from hackers or unblock a geologically restricted location. It also has a user-friendly integration, and you can install it on Chrome with a single click.

Touch VPN

Are you trying to get around geo-restrictions or secure your data from hackers? If so, Touch VPN might be a solid and reliable option for you. You will really discover the globe with this one-click VPN proxy extension, which provides safe service and unrestricted bandwidth. Fortunately, it does not need any credit card information or registration to access the free trial. To put it simply Touch VPN is easy and undoubtedly one of the best Free VPN for Chrome

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Best Free VPN for Chrome

A best free VPN for Chrome is the one that does not interfere with your surfing speeds nor poses as a threat to your privacy. The VPN Service you take whether free or paid should be suitable for your surfing limit and data usage.