Finding the best free Vpn for android? You are not alone, this search is to be fair one of the most common searches in the recent times. We all are looking for ways to protect our sensitive and precious information online and hence, the New Year’s resolution for 2022 was different for many of us as compared to previous years. 

While other years we were focused on not too important things, 2020 changed the entire perception. We all realized the value of life, savings, spending smartly and the importance of being connected over distance through internet. Many people started working from home and learned how to manage all technical tasks. And this is where the use of internet and the need for privacy came to the spotlight. 

The Growth of VPN

Finding the best free vpn for your android device is a basic concern since most of your searches and transactions are through mobile. If you are an android user, you would not want to compromise on the sensitive data in your smartphone. And no matter how smart your phone is, it needs a smarter lock system to maintain your privacy and secure your business. With this list of best free vpn for android you can cyber criminals good bye as your data is secure and safe. 

Best Free VPN for PC

The growth in VPN market over the years is a living proof that more and more people are now concerned about their online safety. According to a survey: When people were asked what their biggest worries about online privacy are, 63 percent said identity theft, while 45 percent said banking and credit card fraud. 

While cyber threats were not so common in the past, the use of VPN over the years is because of the increasing number of hackers and many ways that can compromise your business and personal information online. 

VPN Usage Statistics | Global Trends in the VPN Industry

Best Free VPN for Android

The word free grabs the attention of many. Even though it could be a ruse to get hold of few seconds of your time that is not the case always. To discover the best free VPN for android here are some of our top picks that will make your surfing smooth and easier. 

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Nord VPN 

Nord VPN neither does have any interest in your data nor does it like sharing it with others. Unlike other free vpn services Nord VPN is known for its reliability and authenticity. The app does not even track your searches and neither keeps them in store for later. Moreover, the app has a user-friendly and clean interface so you get the job done without even having to go extra miles. 

Nord Vpn not only keeps your web activity secure but also allows you to have a protection against cyber criminals and privacy invaders when you are streaming something online, watching a video, using your personal or business social media sites or even messaging someone online through a platform. And highly secure for android, who wouldn’t want this free service for their cell phones? 

Nord VPN Offers

  • Up to 5000 servers in more than 55 countries
  • You can browse anonymously while connecting to various servers
  • It does not keep track of your log activity
  • A 24/7 customer support
  • You can use it on public Wi-Fi and remain safe from invaders

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Tunnel Bear

Tunnel bear is one of the best free vpn for android and is supported by McAfee so you can be assured of the credibility of this brand. You will get up to 500 MB of data per month and it is very simple to set up. Free to use but sticks to its word so tunnel bear does not even ask for your credit card information. You can have any of the servers widely spread over the 23 countries. 

The website also provides no-log policy and there are not pop up ads either (isn’t that great?) however the data limitation is 500 MB per month which is a concern for some people who want unlimited surfing. To get more data and increased features, you can always upgrade to the paid version. 

Tunnel Bear Offers

  • 50 MB Data allowance per month
  • It offer servers from 23 locations
  • There is no logging policy
  • No ads


Another one on the list of free VPNS, Kaspersky is one of the most popular free vpn for android and it also has limitations just like other free VPN. This app is easy to use and set up and offers you 200MB data per day or if you connect to the account you will get additional 100 MB data. Combining that the data limit becomes 6GB which is a pretty great deal considering it is free and easy. However, the limitation is you cannot choose the right server to connect to and the app will choose it for you automatically. 

Kaspersky Offers

  • Low priced paid plans
  • It has no log policy
  • Automatic server selection 

Hot Spot Shield

Hot spot shield offers 15 GB of free surfing per month which is a great deal. The data is set at 500 MB per day so you can enjoy enough surfing for a day and the bank gets reloaded the next day again. For a free private VPN, this much data is more than enough especially if you are not in for extensive surfing and a lot of streaming. Hot Spot shield vpn has many reasons to be the best choice of best free vpn for android but most importantly, it does not ask for your sensitive information nor credit card details. 

So you can be sure that the service is free when it says to be free. Also, you do not get the freedom to choose the server you want to have a connection with and many people are troubled with the constant ad pop-ups too. 

Hot Spot Shield Offers

  • 500 MB Data per day
  • It has no log policy
  • Automatic server selection

Express VPN

ExpressVPN protects the online activity from three-letter companies and scammers. It provides unrestricted access to music, social media, and video, with no IP addresses, browser history, DNS requests, or traffic destination being logged. This service has a number of features that make it one of the best free vpn for Android. It has 160 servers spread across 94 countries.

Express VPN Offers

  • A connection without any bandwidth limit
  • 24/7 live chat and online assistance
  • It supports over 12 languages


Surfshark allows you to browse online content quickly and safely. It hides your location and protects your personal information. Stable tunneling protocols such as OpenVPN and IKEv2 are included in this programme. It already has over 3200 servers in 65 different countries. Allow specific applications and websites to circumvent the VPN, while still protecting your privacy by masking your real IP address.

SurfShark Offers

  • No log policy
  • No limitation on number of devices connected
  • Easy set up is an Android application that provides protection and privacy. Both the OpenVPN and IKEv2 protocols are supported by this tool which is a plus-plus especially when you are looking for a best free VPN for android. You will begin using this service by simply pressing a single button. Offers

  • Access to any app or website
  • Stream live videos 
  • A quick and easy set up
  • Auto reconnect
  • A strong connection 

Hola Privacy VPN

The Hola Privacy VPN app for Android is a free app that offers privacy, encryption, and protection. It allows you to view your mobile website, video, and media in a secure manner. You can get a single touch access to your favorite apps and websites and not worry about your privacy being invaded. 

Hola Privacy VPN Offers

  • Easy access to your favorite content
  • Option to switch between various countries
  • You will have a greater web browsing speed

Cyber Ghost

A secure way to provide you P2P torrenting. This VPN service can unblock all steaming services for you and you can access your favorite sites once again. The encryption is very strong so you are assured complete anonymity and a safety against cyber bullies. Whenever you form a connection with a new internet, you will get digital privacy to the best. The best part about this free VPN for android? It has more than 6400 severs in over 89 countries.  

Cyber Ghost Offers

  • A single Tap IP Hide
  • It notifies you when you connect to an unprotected network
  • You can connect up to seven devices at the same time
  • You will get unlimited bandwidth


A safe way to secure your online transactions, there is no better option than SurfEasy. SurfEasy has a great connectivity when it comes to best free VPN for android. You can access any website at any time, make any transactions over any internet network and not have to worry about your privacy being violated. The best part about this free service for android is that it offer live customer support which is rare when it comes to free vpn for android. 

SurfEasy Offers

  • A fast and strong network
  • It does not keep logs of your activity
  • You can choose your own server from many countries
  • A complete anonymity

Paid versions of VPN offer much more features and improved browsing speeds. Looking for a paid VPN service to secure your business data? Purchase one now!