Have you ever been so exhilarated about an event that you can’t decide on your look for it? Well, we all have been through the fashion turmoil. All the glamourous Met Gala looks pop in our minds, while we also want to wear our confidence and personal style on our sleeve. A similar star-studded event is around the corner, called-The Sundance Film Festival.

We are certain that you must’ve heard about it, but do you know what exactly a Sundance Film Festival is? The independent film festival features over 200 Sundance movies each year from all around the globe. The Sundance film institute celebrates art each year since 1978. Sundance film festival locations don’t change often, whether it’s at Park City, Salt Lake City, or Sundance Resort.

Covid restrictions did not stop the institute from hosting the massive festival. However, SOPs and all covid restrictions were strictly followed. This year, when the restrictions are eased, the Sundance festival will be celebrated in full zeal. We want you to have the most fun, which is why we are taking the fashion burden off you. Below is a list of looks you can try this year.

Keep it Simple with Sienna Miller’s The Row Look

We know how overwhelming fashion can be. However, there are times when you can opt for a simple look and still look super chic. Just like Sienna Miller, the gorgeous American actress who has been taking the film industry by shock with her phenomenal performances and classy looks.

You can simply utilize a dress shirt with a skirt of your choice or you can use a sweater as a replacement to the silk formal shirt and pair it with some nice mid-length skirt. For accessories, you can never go wrong with hoops and stilettoes. You can find everything to create these looks at Macy’s. Don’t forget to use Macy’s coupon to get massive discounts on your shopping.

Another American actress who wears her confidence and comfort on her sleeve is Riley Keogh. For someone, who likes to stay comfortable yet branded Louis Vuitton’s weaved sweater is the best choice. Pair it with a coat and boots with flared jeans. Such looks are easy to pull off and are less experimental. You can make the most of Amazon’s International Women’s Day sales on renowned brands and shop for your Sundance Film Festival look. You can always celebrate women’s day by embracing your style.


Pull off Streetwear with Stacy Martin’s Japanese Street Fashion Look

Do you like David Rose from the famous Schitt’s Creek sitcom? If yes, then streetwear is your style. In recent years, many designers blended Japanese fashion with American trends, the results were astounding. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Kristen Stewart rock the streetwear fashion with their off-duty styles. Another celebrity that made it to the list with her fashion sense is, Stacy Martin.

Stacy is famous for her cover girl looks and fashion statements. However, her performance in Lars von Tier is still appreciated by the world. In her 2020’s release Lovers, Stacy looks chic yet comfortable in her character’s look. You can experiment with her last Sundance look. She wore a black cropped jacket with pants, and a white ruffled collar shirt inside.

You can also opt for leather pants with ruffled collar shirts and pair them with boots. Streetwear has gained immense popularity in recent years and we are glad celebrities are helping us create our looks. We recommend you to shop for all streetwear fashion from Nordic outdoor. The store is a hub for all hip, chic fashion trends from around the globe. Don’t forget to use the Nordic coupon code to get a discount on your purchase.

Unleash the Diva in You with Taylor Swift Inspired Gala Looks

Have you ever held an award and made a bathroom glam speech? Well, we’re all in the same pot with our naïve wishes. Ever since childhood looking up to glamorous divas has made us arch our back and pretend like one. The Sundance film festival allows us to experiment with our looks and unleash the diva within.

Taylor Swift is known for her sparkling glam. The singer has actively promoted her albums at the Sundance film festival for years. Each year, her look became the talk of the town. Glittering metal, sparkling tails, and whatnot. Angelina Jolie and other A-list actresses are also seen flaunting their fashion designer’s creations to promote their best Sundance films.

We recommend you to shop at stores that offer high fashion clothes at reasonable prices. There are stores offering amazing Women’s day sales. Cinderella dresses are an easy yet perfect option if you are not too confident about pulling off a fashionista look. They also serve well while watching movies at the Sundance movie Houston hours, considering the weather in Houston.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.      Where is Sundance Film Festival 2022?

The festival will be commemorated at Salk Lake City, Park City, and Sundance Resort.

2.      For how many days is the Sundance film festival celebrated?

 The festival lasts for 11-days, featuring numerous art activities each day.

3.      Is everyone allowed at the Sundance film festival?

 The best part about the Sundance film festival is that there is no registration hassle. All you have to do is purchase a festival pass. You can get ticket packages as well.

4.      Is the Sundance film festival virtual?

Sadly, yes. Due to covid restrictions and further precautions it is in our best interest to appreciate the Sundance institute for remarkable managing a virtual event.

5.      Is there a crowd allowed at the Sundance film festival?

The general public is not allowed at the Sundance film festival live locations. However, celebrities will be seen flaunting their styles and making fashion statements at the festival’s red carpet.