Have you ever been so exhilarated about an event that you can’t decide on your look for it? Well, we all have been through the fashion turmoil. All the glamourous Met Gala looks pop in our minds, while we also want to wear our confidence and personal style on our sleeve. A similar star-studded event is around the corner, called-The Sundance Film Festival.

We are certain that you must’ve heard about it, but do you know what exactly a Sundance Film Festival is? The independent film festival features over 200 Sundance movies each year from all around the globe. The Sundance film institute celebrates art each year since 1978. Sundance film festival locations don’t change often, whether it’s at Park City, Salt Lake City, or Sundance Resort.

Covid restrictions did not stop the institute from hosting the massive festival. However, SOPs and all covid restrictions were strictly followed. This year, when the restrictions are eased, the Sundance festival will be celebrated in full zeal. We want you to have the most fun, which is why we are taking the fashion burden off you. Below is a list of looks you can try this year.