Snacks for hiking, weight and calorie consumption are two factors that backpackers and thru-hikers pay close attention to. Some hikers refuse to bring food unless it has at least a hundred calories per ounce on long hikes. Of course, if you’re a beginner hiker, you don’t have to go quite as far, but even on short walks, a lighter pack is undoubtedly more comfortable.

As part of this discussion, it’s also necessary to consider reusables versus single-use packaging. Some things in single-use packaging will almost certainly be inevitable if you’re going ultralight for a long trip. If using reusables is essential to you, you can do so, but they can be heavy, As a result, you may require to make some minor adjustments to compensate for the extra weight, such as bringing freeze-dried apples instead of fresh ones. Alternatively, reuse plastic takeout containers—they’re incredibly light, and you’ll get more use from them before they end up in a landfill.

A list of the most excellent snacks for hiking to bring on follows. These tasty snacks are perfect for tossing in your bag and enjoying during a well-deserved break, regardless of your hiking expertise level or the length of your trip.