When you want something new but still easy, slick ponytails are one of the greatest options.

There’s something classy and sexy about it, and there are so many different styles to choose from. No, you don’t have to wear a low ponytail or a side ponytail all of the time; not that there’s anything wrong with either, but there’s more diversity outside of those.

What Products Can I Use To Create Neat Slick Ponytails?

Make sure you use frizz-fighting solutions that won’t reverse your hair for a neat ponytail. Specific products are chosen based on your hair type and how your hair reacts. Curling gels and any product with the phrase ‘curl,’ including shampoos and conditioners, should be avoided.

Curling products will make your hair look unkempt, which is the reverse of what you desire. You can rapidly get a smooth ponytail as long as you avoid using items that will cause your hair to become wavy. It’s not required, but wigs or weaves can be used to create elegant ponytails, and you can reuse them if you wish to recreate the look in the future.

Everyone’s hair is different, and everyone’s hair has distinct needs, but there’s no harm in starting with the basics. Gorilla Snot (Not Gorilla Glue! ), Eco Style Gel, and edge control are some of the most popular products for slicking down natural hair. Use your judgment on which things you believe you require for your style, but these three are a good place to start.

Before you begin, do some YouTube research to see if you can locate someone who is doing a similar style with hair that is comparable to yours. The greatest location to discover lessons on how to make slick ponytails is on YouTube.

What’s The Best Way To Achieve The Perfect Slick Ponytails?

Straightening or stretching your ponytail will offer the best results in creating a perfectly neat ponytail. It will make things a lot easier and take a lot less time. Of course, this isn’t the only technique to achieve the look, but if you want to save time, try blowing your hair out beforehand.

This will ensure that the ponytail is precisely slick and flat. You can still accomplish a neat ponytail with non-straightened hair, but the ponytail is likely to have waves due to the curls.

How Long Can You Keep Slick Ponytails?

A neat ponytail can last at least two weeks if properly cared for and covered at night. Wear a scarf to protect your roots and edges so you don’t damage the look while sleeping. Pinup the ponytail part as well, so it doesn’t get knotted and ruined while you’re sleeping.

Using a scarf to tie your hair down will help to keep the look in place and make it stay longer. Rather than merely wearing a bonnet, which will protect your hair but not your elegant look. If you’re wearing a wig or ponytail piece, keep it tangle-free by putting it up in a secure location.

Taking it off while you sleep will help you keep it in better shape for longer because it won’t get tangled. Because of the tension, it can cause to the scalp and roots, keeping the ponytail in for an extended period of time is not recommended, especially if it’s too tight.

What Are The Essentials For Smooth And Slick Ponytails?

Because each sleek ponytail style is different and unique, you may need various equipment and products for each, but the key tools and supplies for a sleek ponytail are quite basic.

  • Before you do anything, make sure your hair is clean by shampooing and conditioning it.
  • If you want to stretch your hair and make it lay flatter, you can use a blow dryer.
  • If you don’t want to or don’t want to heat style, you can skip this step.
  • Make sure you have a gel or styling cream on hand before attempting this style.
  • It’s critical not to use any items that may cause your hair to revert, as some gels might cause your hair to curl back up.
  • Edge control is also a great tool for slicking hair back and removing flyaways, so make sure you have some on hand.
  • To get the edges exactly right and slick down the obstinate hairs that a conventional brush can’t seem to get, use an edge brush.
  • If you’re using a standard brush, you’ll need one of these to finish the look.
  • You don’t have to use a specific brush, but a brush with stiff bristles makes it much easier to work with our hair.

Obviously, you’ll need something to keep your ponytail in place. Just in case one of your elastic hair bands breaks, make sure you have several on hand.

Slick Ponytails- Different Sleek Hairstyles

Slicked Back Ponytail

This is a trendy and stylish collection of black ponytail hairstyles. This ponytail is perfect for day or night, and it can easily transition from the afternoon boardroom to evening cocktails. The hair is straightened to perfection before being pulled back into a ponytail with hair wrapped around the base.

Low Ponytail with Waves

This look is best achieved with relaxed hair, but it can also be achieved with hair extensions. It’s quite lovely, with sensual, flowing, gleaming waves. Create a low ponytail with an appropriate side part, wrap hair around the base of the ponytail, and use a curling iron to make waves.

Sleek Bubble Ponytail

Black ponytail hairstyles are diverse since they can range from playful and expressive to elegant and sophisticated. This coif belongs to the latter group. While it appears to be quite complicated, it’s actually quite simple to duplicate. Begin with a simple low pony. Then, evenly space six more hair ties to create the charming bubble effect.

Braided Slick Back Ponytail

Braids are a beautiful way to add movement to updo hairstyles. They are employed for a variety of textures, added volume, and height in addition to enhancing the elegant attractiveness. Wrap a few extra braids around the base of your ponytail for a sleek accent and add a couple of cornrows for some edge.

Black and Luscious Pony

Want longer, fuller hair but don’t want to pay the hefty cost of a weave? A drawstring ponytail is a more cost-effective option. It will allow you to switch up your style in an instant, whether you desire something informal or more formal, such as the coif shown.

Slick Low Ponytail

The low, sleek pony, as seen on celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Chrissy Teigen, and Selena Gomez, is a refined look that can be worn to the office and formal gatherings. As illustrated in this tutorial, putting it together is rather simple: A tail comb, hairspray, hair gel, hair tie, and a toothbrush are all you’ll need.

The Fountain Pony

With this step-by-step guide, you’ll be able to achieve unprecedented ponytail heights. Extensions are required to achieve the height and length required for a fountain pony, and they might be difficult to use. Fortunately, this video demonstrates how to add bundles in a smooth manner.

The ’90s Baby Ponytail

Make a throwback with a pony in the style of the 1990s. Bella Hadid’s go-to style for medium to long hair incorporates a deep side part and flipped-out ends. This video demonstrates how to achieve the precise component (a tail comb) as well as a slicked-back style (a tonne of hairspray and brushing). Pick up your flat iron and give it a flick of the wrist for the finishing touch.

Ponytail Finished With A Bow

If you have thin hair, this guide will show you how to add thickness to your hair with extensions and a few ponytail hacks. Use eyeshadow to fill in sparse areas and a tail comb to create volume. This video suggests a Pony-O that may be easily hidden with a bow for added height.

Slick Ponytails For the Curls

A sleek pony with natural curls looks best with wet hair. Brush your hair until it’s smooth, then tuck it in with a hair tie. Make a tight braid with your ponytail and secure your extensions at the end. Wrap your extensions around the braid with care until you get to the root. Don’t be afraid to experiment with positioning and modifications, as seen in this video.

Wrapping up

Ponytails are a hairstyle that will never go out of style, and they are suitable for women of all ages. There are many other sorts of ponytails you can make, but the smooth ponytail, like the ones seen during Fashion Week, is one of the most difficult to master. Hope these slick ponytails ideas would help you in achieving your look.