While we all love warm hoodies and hot mugs of coffee and wearing our favorite cardigan paired with long leather boots seems like a dream come true for the fashion diva in us, winter has its own challenges. Its true winter is the most charming season of the year with everything aesthetically pleasing covered in white snow but have you thought about the troubles it brings for your skin? The cold air that rustles through our hair pleasing with its low temperatures strips off all the moisture from our skin, leaving it dry and flaky. Sure, moisturizing is a happy part of a skincare routine but doing it every 30 minutes or so does not seem like a good idea. This article sums up the skincare challenges that come with winters and helpful techniques to deal with them and keep the beauty game strong.

Use warm water

We all love a hot scalding batch on a cold winter morning. While the hot water protects us from the low temperatures, it seriously harms our skin. Using lukewarm water for winter showers is both good for skin and health too. According to research, hot showers can cause inflammation on the skin, increase redness, itching and even cause peeling of the upper sensitive layer of the skin. It can also disbalance the natural moisture content of the skin robbing away all the natural oils, fats and amino acids that are necessary to keep the skin healthy and glowing.

Stay Hydrated

Summers demand for extra fluid intake, since the scorching sun makes us thirsty but winters often make us neglect our body’s need for water. Since the air is drier in winter, water evaporates from our body at a faster rate. Hence the need to keep a hydrated skin increases drastically. Since the inner milieu of our skin is 70% of the water it is essential to maintain that percentage for healthy and active functioning.

Choosing The Right Skincare Products

Buying skincare products is a hefty expense, but your skin will thank you for investing in the right ones. It is essential to realize that a product that kept your skin smooth during the summers might not work for you in the winters. This is because of the changes in the external environment. While the air in summers is full of moisture and humidity, winter breezes are cold and dry. Switching to hydrating lotions and moisturizing creams is a better option in winters. For natural and organic skincare products you can also use Tatcha promo code.

Another pro tip for winter skin care is to avoid over-exfoliating your skin. Exfoliation strips off all the necessary moisture from the skin, making it more vulnerable to the climatic conditions.

Winter is a season of happiness with snowflakes and chilly breezes but maintaining a skin with no breakouts is a tough challenge. These compilations of skincare products and a few tips come in handy during the winter season. While others are fretting over harsh weather conditions, you could enjoy all the winter festivities with a fresh and healthy look.