Car is a companion that stays with you for relatively longer time period. If you are an automobile lover chances are you treat your car like a family member and why not? It takes you from places to places makes travel easier for you, cover miles without even complaining. All these tiring jobs need a pat at the back. But of course you cannot hit your car with a pat and call it a day. Cars demand care in a ways different than humans. You may think they need nice compliments or a warm cup of coffee but they are entirely different species.

Don’t worry! You don’t need to by car friends for your travel buddy to make it happy you just need to take care of few minimalist things when you have a car in your possession.

Quality Automobile parts

Buying high quality automobile parts is the first step to care for your vehicle. Whether it’s a rear mirror that’s broken or you need to replace the lock, don’t settle for cheaper option because it will only cost you expensive in the future. To make your automobile needs met at affordable rates, use an Autozone coupon code 40% off. You can get high quality spare parts and automobile accessories for cheaper rates.

Washing it regularly

Some people may not like the idea of washing their car frequently. Most of the time the arguments start with the fact that washing a car only makes it too vulnerable to attract new dust. As true as it seems the fact is letting dirt sit on a car for too long will not only disrupt the paint job but will also dull the shine of the car with time. Moreover, any sand particles sitting too long on the surface can cause scratch. It is wise to us proper car cleaning agents to wash away all the sand and dirt from the car.

Clean the interior first

People often ignore the interior of a car according to a fact that interior is often invisible to people who see your car from the outside. But the truth is cleaning the interior is as important as keeping the exterior clean. It is advised to clean the passenger cabin of a vehicle before cleaning the exterior to prevent dust and debris from getting on what would otherwise be spotless body panels. Household rug-cleaning spray-foam will typically do the trick, especially after prolonged bouts of bad weather, to prevent permanent stains from ground-in mud or road salt. Start by vacuuming and spot-shampooing the carpeting.

Finish with a Nice Polish

If you see a scratch on your car no matter how tiny don’t let it sit and wait for another scratch partner. Polish the tiny freckles and spots with a high quality polish for your car. This way you can protect your car from getting old and yourself from the sight of a scratched car full of spots. A trick is to always wash and wax a car or truck in a shaded area to avoid spotting water and to prevent the wax from drying too fast and drying on the surface of the car.