Nobody expected the pandemic would stretch this much and after the recurring lockdowns people are fed up being confined to their four walls and not able to go out. Especially kids who cannot go to play out and keep up with their daily routine. Children are the most affected group by this lockdown and the reasons are so many. They don’t understand why the world has closed shut and why people are being restricted to their homes. Besides that, many children consider play time when they go out and meet their friends in the park as the best part of their day.

Needless to say the deprivation and entire elimination of play time has made many kids anxious and frustrated thus they throw tantrums. Many parents are worried about how to keep their children engaged amidst lockdown while they carry on with their busy work schedules and manage work from home without any distractions. Here are few ways to keep your kids engaged in healthy and productive activities that groom them and prevent them dwelling too much on being quarantined.

Home chores

How to keep your kids busy during the lockdown, the answer is home chores. Kids are like clay, they can be molded as you want them in the early years. Assigning your kids home duties and some basic chores is no harm provided that they don’t undertake anything that could harm them. You can start with basic stuff like teaching them how to fold laundry, asking them to make their bed every single day and carry the dishes to the sink. You can also allocate time slots for them to clean the room with and arrange back all the toys after playing. This brings a sense of responsibility in young minds making them capable to do something productive which will only help them in later stages of life.

Arts and crafts

How to keep your kids busy during the lockdown, the answer is Art and Crafts. This is one of the best ways to keep your kids engage during the lockdown. Arts and crafts is an essential creative aspect of every person’s growth. Art allows us to represent our mood and internal feelings without having to say anything and this could be very helpful for children to get themselves a little relaxed. You can encourage them towards drawing, painting, pottery or anything they like.

Watch cartoon online

How to keep your kids busy during the lockdown, the answer is Watch cartoon. Many parents fret over giving their children screen time but it is also an important part of their growth. According to a research watching cartoons online can help children sharpen their memory and develop basic cognitive skills. You can also let your children learn something good from cartoons. Cartoons improve children’s story telling skills and make them understand diverse cultures and practices. Moreover, there are many cartoon websites now that offer productive cartoon series.


How to keep your kids busy during the lockdown, the answer is Gardening. Gardening is one of the healthiest activities you can engage your young kid in. Gardening develops responsibility, care and uplifts the mood. Moreover, they can feel the sense of accomplishment by watching little seed grow into a healthy green plant.