Getting a new car is a dream come true for many people. Seeing your hard work paying off in something that will take you from places to places, the feeling is indescribable. All the new interior, shiny doors, reflecting paint and everything about a new car is eye catching. We all love getting compliments and praises when we buy a new car but as the time passes the compliments starts to fade away. This is not because your car does not serve its purpose anymore, it’s because you haven’t been paying attention to your car lately. As we get something the value significantly starts to decrease and we start treating it ordinary. Here are some ways to keep your car brand new and make heads turn as you get on the road riding it.

Wash Your Car Regularly

Just like we need a shower for a fresh look every other day our car needs a good shower too. Try to use soft soaps that remove dust and sand particles without removing shine off the surface. Make sure to wash your car thrice a week at least so that any dust particles do not stick to it and start doing the damage. Moreover, to keep your car new, washing the car will let you see if there are any permanent scratches beneath the dirt surface so you can get them polished ASAP.

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Let it Dry Properly

It’s certainly convenient to just let your car drip-dry in the heat, but it’s definitely not good for the paint job. They leave any minerals or debris they might have held on to when water droplets evaporate, meaning it’s as though you’ve barely washed your vehicle. Grit and dirt will scrape your paint job and ruin it, resulting in the dull, fading look that’s the reverse of what you want. It is advised to use any absorbers that will take up the dripping water from your newly washed car to keep your car new.

Get it Checked

Just like human body, our cars also need regular checkups to make sure everything is up to the mark. Getting a visit to a mechanic every once in a while or checking it yourself for oil updates and water level is a thing every car owner should learn. It isn’t necessary that you pay attention to your car only when it starts screaming for help. To keep your car new, get your car cleaned and lubricated regularly and do not forget to count the miles when you need oil change. When it comes to oil change always use the high quality oil for your car. Whether it’s expensive but it will save you a lot in future. You can also use Valvoline 19.99 oil change coupon to get your car treated by experts.

Don’t Let The Splotches Sit

Tree sap, bird droppings, and other spots are unattractive, but you should sweep them up right away for more than one reason. These deposits can not only become much harder to extract after drying and setting, but they can also contain acids that can break down the finish of your vehicle. To gently clean these splotches away before they have a chance to harden and cause harm to the paint of your vehicle, use a rag with mild soap and plenty of water.