It’s possible to play bitlife on ios and Android, and it lets you experience the life of a human from birth to death. You can marry and have children in bitlife, but one of the most exciting things you can do is join a clique! One of these subcultures is represented by the Goths Clique.

One of bitlife’s most popular cliques is the Goth Clique. You might wonder, “How do I join the bitlife Goths Clique?” We’ll go over all you need to know about this game so that you can get the most out of it. How to join goth clique in bitlifeis a difficult endeavour, but anyone can do it if they work hard enough.

Goths are characterised by their preference for black attire and cosmetics. They also detest the sun and prefer to stay indoors in the evening! Get involved with a goth clique if you’re interested in meeting others who enjoy reading vampire or gothic literature, watching gothic movies or listening gothic music, and so on.

An Overview of bitlife

Bitlife is a popular simulation game for both ios and Android devices. Avatars can be designed by players and their parents can be selected, as well as how they die (but only if the user chooses to). There are no rules after that! In bitlife, you have complete freedom to live your life as you see fit. You can get married, have children, or simply focus on your work. There are an infinite number of possibilities. In 2018, candywriter LLC released their new product, which they designed. In exchange for real money, players can purchase rare things to speed up their bitlife experience. When it comes to this game, it’s all about getting to know your fellow players. When it comes to family, you may either form your own or join an existing one.

How to join the goth clique In bitlife

In order to join the Bitlife goth clique, you must obtain a high school diploma. Having a reputation as a renegade and having black or silver hair are additional required qualifications. Make sure you get your ears pierced! Aspirational goals include having a strong academic record and low levels of personal happiness. This also requires a low popularity score to join the Goths. If you have a poor relationship score with your friends, you can still join this clique.

Bitlife’s Prerequisites for Presidentship


It’s not an easy job to be bitlife’s President. Several requirements must be met before you can even think about running for office. Let’s begin by looking at who can run for president in bitlife, and then we’ll go through each criterion in detail to see what it entails.

All bitlife gamers have the opportunity to run for President.

The prerequisites are as follows:

  • First, you must be at least 35 years old in order to run for Bitlife President.
  • You must also obtain Bitizenship, which is the second criterion. This employment will be unavailable to you if you don’t comply.
  • The final step towards becoming President is to pay $4.99 USD.
  • The fourth criterion is that you have to seek for public office. –
  • It is necessary to earn enough money to run for office and pay the requisite bribe, according to the fifth criterion.
  • Sixth, you must have a good reputation.
  • In order to win the election, you need to have a high level of intelligence and a strong sense of fashion.
  • To those who meet all of the preconditions, congratulations! You can now become bitlife’s President if you follow our guidelines on how to do so!

how to join Goth Clique in Bitlife? follow these instructions (Pro Tips)


What is a Bitlife?

For those who want to experience life in the most realistic way possible, bitlife is the perfect game. You play as a solitary character and must make decisions on its behalf in this game. There are various aspects that contribute to a character’s general health, such as its relationships, professional path and more.

Because bitlife is a real-time game, it may take weeks or even months for your character to reach the end of his or her life cycle. More time playing bitlife implies more time spent in real life, too.

What is Bitlife’s Goth Clique?

The Goth Clique is a collective of like-minded individuals that have banded together to support one another. To depict them in Bitlife, they wear dark and gothic clothing with a skull and black ribbon on the top of their heads. Introversion is a common trait among the people in this group, so it’s no surprise that they prefer to keep to themselves the most of the time.

When you first meet the Goths, they’re described as shy and quiet, but once you get beyond that, you’ll discover that they’re also a lot of fun!

That’s a good question.

Challenges are a new feature in bitlife that you can participate in or not. You can choose to accept or reject challenges that show in your news feed.

It is the goal of bitlife challenges to give players a variety of methods to play and tell their own stories in the game. Bitlife has no right or wrong way to play; however, we do advocate completing challenges when they are interesting for you to complete them!

In Bitlife, what are the prerequisites for being a member of the Goth Clique?

How to fit in with the goths After completing school, you can join bitlife. A rebellious reputation and a dark or silver hair colour are also required. Don’t forget to get piercings while you’re at it! Aim for a high IQ, do well in school, and a low happiness index. It is also important to join the Goths with a low popularity score. You can also join into this group if you have a bad relationship with your buddies.

In Bitlife, how do you join the Goth Clique?

To become a member of Bitlife’s Goth Clique, follow these steps:

The Goth Scene is here to stay. Firstly, you need to go to your local library and click on “Gothic Literature” to join the Goth subculture. You’ll be ready for the next stage after reading some of their works.

Become passionate about music. Music is the best way to unwind after you’ve finished all those books. Here are a few tunes to get you going:

  • “Just Like Heaven” by The Cure
  • “Love Will Tear Us Apart” by Joy Division
  • “Hong Kong Garden” by Siouxsie And The Banshees
  • In Bitlife Tricks, you can learn how to join the Goth Clique.
  • If you want to join the Goth Clique in Bitlife, here are a few things to keep in mind:
  • Ascend into the ranks of the undead.
  • Do poorly in school
  • Take a look at some edgy poetry.
  • Get into the mood by listening to emo music
  • Play video games; Gothic games are preferred, but any game will do as long as it’s dark and gloomy.

If video games aren’t your thing, consider anime or manga instead. Horror movies and Goth music like The Cure, Siouxsie & the Bananashees, Bauhaus, and Joy Division are some options.

It’s beneficial to engage in depressing activities. For those who have been in your life for a long time, this is a nice way to prepare for the day when they are gone for good. As a goth, you may also wish to consider getting some piercings. If you don’t want a lot of holes in your face, you might go with tattoos instead.

In Bitlife, how do you join the Goth clique at school?

Bitlife’s Goth Clique requires that you have finished the “Change Your Clothes” mission before you may join. Once you’ve done that, keep an eye out for a college kid with a black trench coat and black pants. There are only two other pupils in the school that wear all black, making this person your primary target.

Once you’ve located them, approach them and tap them on the shoulder to get their attention (this takes about three taps). When the other person acknowledges your presence by saying “Hey” or “Hi” back to you, tap on their face. All of your hard effort has paid off at this stage! You are now a member of the Goth Clique, and we are proud of you!


In this article, we discussed how to become a member of the Goths Clique Bitlife. You should now have a better understanding of it after reading the aforementioned hints and suggestions.

Our goal was to explain how to join the Goths Clique and how to become president in bitlife. Doing so will make you a member of the Goths Clique in the bitlife game.

To join this clique, you must complete the instructions outlined in the post and wait for a few hours before doing so. Joining them entitles you to a variety of perks including having your bills paid, food and clothing provided, and other conveniences that make it possible for you to earn money without exerting yourself. “Goth Life Forever!!!” is all we have to say at the end of this piece about the Goth Clique.