Holiday season is around the corner and as the pandemic has taken a little lower swing and people have accustomed themselves to following safety measures we all are expecting holiday visits. Surely it’s going to be a great one after the year we all have had and you do not want to compromise on the first impression after so long.

You must be planning to buy the perfect holiday dress for a meeting with your loved one or maybe even thinking about getting a perfect pair of stilettos but if you are going to invite them over it’s all about giving them the comfort of home and make them realize you missed them in your cozy space.

Home Décor and Renovation Tips

Here are simple tricks and tips to let you decorate your home and revamp you living style to make your holiday guests feel like home more than ever!

Home Décor Tip #1: Paint a Wall

Getting a paint job for your house is both expensive and time consuming. You could feel a wall with little dust and spots or maybe your kid wrote on it with a permanent marker, the whole look is ruined. But gone are the times when houses used to be of the same color. Now you can paint a single wall and make it look different from your entire house. If you need to hide stubborn splatters and spots go with a darker shade or maybe even a taste of yellow will bring sunshine into your home!

Home Décor Tip #2: New cushions

Getting new couches after visiting Ikea or your favorite furniture store is not always the smartest decision. Surely you want to make your guests feel relaxed but that is not the only way to do so. How about revamping your old couch in a minimalist way. If your couch does not have any cushion think about throwing one or two over it or you could even change your old cushions and replace them with something cooler! Patterns go the best with plain and vice versa.

Home Décor Tip #3: Royal bedding

If a guest is coming to stay at your place from a far land they are going to remember the first night’s sleep for a long time. Your bedding can make a great impression on them. How about instead of throwing away the whole creaky bed you can get a few bolt jobs done throw over the mattress and a warm yet cozy set of bed covers on it. Match the quilt get pillow cases and some little stuffed toys. You can also use kohl’s 30 off coupon to make a whole range in cheaper prices.

Home Décor Tip #4: Paintings

A few paintings here and there can change the entire vibe of the home. If you have a plain wall decorate with few vintage paintings or how about hanging few flower paintings on a solid color painted wall. You can also make a clean difference on your bathroom wall with little canvases that will only make the room more friendly and comfortable. Your kitchen could also use a touch of antiquated art when you let your