Is the Horizon electric scooter’s pricing, performance, and portability in the sweet spot? If you want to know more, check out our Fluid Freeride Horizon review.

So, you’re looking for a long-distance, high-performance commuter scooter? The Fluid FreeRide Horizon is arrived. In spite of its appearance, this is a big upgrade over a regular Xiaomi or NineBot entry-level scooter.

It comes with a 500W brushless motor. Standard 10Ah battery or 13Ah pack for longer journeys are available. As a result of the hydraulic full-excellent suspension’s performance, the ride is both smooth and enjoyable. All of this for less than £600 on the street.

What You Need to Know About FluidFreeRide Horizon

Although we’re experts in electric scooters, even we can’t tell the difference between the same-colored black scooters. As a classic and unobtrusive commuting scooter, the FluidFreeRide Horizon is a good thing. On two wheels, it’s sometimes advantageous to blend in.

The Horizon’s looks aren’t something to write home about, but how does it match up against the competition? Quite a bit better than expected. Powerful: The 500W motor You’ll receive a welcome boost on the flats, and it’ll propel you up some really steep slopes once it gets going. Expect to reach 23mph at full speed (lighter riders with a following wind can get a little more).

Horizon Specifications

Motor 500W base / 800W peak
Battery Lithium-ion 48V 10.4Ah / 13Ah
Charge Time 6 hours
Single-Charge Mileage 20miles(10.4Ah) / 25miles(13AH)
Max Speed 25 mph / 40 kph
Tyre Type 8” rear solid, 8.5” front air tyres
Braking System Rear drum brake and regenerative brake
Lighting 3 front and 2 rear LED lights
Horn Type None
Max Load 120 kg (265 lbs)
Scooter Weight 40 lbs (10Ah) / 42 lbs (13Ah)
Product Material Durable aluminium frame
Folding Handlebar Unspecified – Alloy Frame
Folding Steering Tube Unspecified – Alloy Frame
Suspension Front and rear suspension
Size (L x W x H, mm) Unfolded: 42.5 x 23.2 x 46.8 inch
Folded: 38.6 x 7.1 x 14.6 inch
Water Resistance No IP Rating

All-Stars: FluidFreeRide Horizon Pros

  • For the price, you can’t go wrong with this scooter.
  • In order to be unnoticed, you must maintain a low-key demeanor.
  • Up to 800 watts of peak power can be generated with a 500 watt motor.
  • Enhanced brakes
  • It has a reasonable top speed and a reasonable range.
  • Overall, this is a huge improvement over comparable priced commuter scooters.

The FluidFreeRide Horizon Cons are

  • It’s tough on the arms because of its weighty structure.
  • The pneumatic front tyre grips better than the solid rear tyre.
  • All you need to know about fluidfreeride

This is all about the commuters and those who put in a lot of miles each week. If you get a 13Ah battery, you can expand the scooter’s range to 25 miles. Battery life is good, and charging takes less than five hours.

The 8″ rear and slightly larger 8.5″ front wheels are combined with hydraulic suspension for a comfortable ride, and the rest of the kit is well-equipped. For those early mornings and late nights, the LED lights are a wonderful addition, but if you use them on a regular basis, we recommend upgrading. If you’re looking for a scooter that’s easy to transport, this isn’t the best option.

With the Horizon, it was difficult for us to become enthused. Although the design isn’t groundbreaking, it accomplishes what it does quite well and at a reasonable price. If you’re willing to pay a few hundred dollars more for an electric scooter, you’ll get a big improvement in performance.

The following is a summary of the performance

You’ll find a 48V 500W brushless hub motor in the Freeride Horizon. According to the manufacturer, this can deliver 800W of power.

However, the acceleration from a standstill was a little sluggish with the motor. A 10Ah or 13Ah battery is used to provide power. The extra 5 miles of range will be worth the increased cost and weight, but the top speed will be slowed down as a result.

For now, suffice it to say that we think it is powerful enough. However, it will never be able to match the all-out acceleration of a vehicle like the E-Two GT2020.

It’s a good alternative for commuters looking for a high-capacity electric scooter that doesn’t draw attention to itself.

Speed and Acceleration are the most important factors.

In slow motion, the Horizon can be a little sluggish to the touch. Once you find the sweet place, the power delivery can feel slow. At 10mph, the scooter really takes off and reaches a top speed of 23mph, according to our tests.

Most people won’t care about this, but if you plan on racing traffic at the lights, it’s something to keep in mind.

Just under 8 seconds later, the scooter will reach its top speed, which is neither too slow nor too fast. It’s an excellent all-arounder.

After a few too many lockdown lunches, we were only able to get 23mph on the flat. Not groundbreaking, but enough to keep up with the traffic, bicycles, and other scooter users in an urban area.

Compared to the ordinary rental scooter or popular commuters, such as the Unagi Model One E500, it is roughly 10mph faster. A computer does not limit the top speed; it is determined solely by the motor’s ability to move the vehicle.

Basically, it’s not a sluggish app.

Reliability and Range

There are 5 more miles of fun to be had with the regular Horizon than the E500. With a larger battery, you’ll be able to travel up to 25 miles further.

At least 20 kilometers is what we found in our tests. For our money, we’d choose for a larger battery. ‘ You might have to fork over extra money, but it’s well worth it.

Configuration of a motor

The motor for this electric scooter is located in the back hub, which is unusual for commuter scooters. In terms of acceleration and deceleration, a rear hub motor distributes a rider’s weight toward the back of the deck.

With a peak power output of 800W, Fluid FreeRide claims that the motor can deliver 500W of continuous power. In comparison to the WideWheel (its bigger brother in the FreeRide clan), the 624 watt-hour battery of the FreeRide isn’t going to be able to provide the same level of power.

We didn’t have any issues.

Quality of Construction and Building

The FluidFreeRide Horizon’s weight is a good indicator of its quality. As an example, the 13Ah version is over 5 kilograms heavier than the Xiamoi M365 battery. This means that it is less convenient to transport. As a side note, it’s better built and possibly a little more secure.

The aluminum alloy frame has a substantial weight to it. The welds on the forks, in particular, appear to be holding up well. You won’t hear a peep while you open and close the bolts.

For a daily rider, this is fantastic news because the paint doesn’t appear to chip readily.

Overall, the Horizon is a robust and well-built motorcycle. It’s in a class of its own when it comes to both performance and affordability. The engine and battery pack are of excellent quality. The rest of the parts also feel weighty (in a literal sense, as we’ve already mentioned).

As long as you won’t be lugging it up too many flights of stairs when you get there, the Horizon scooter is more than just a commuter’s best friend.

Using the Horizon as our everyday commuter is a no-brainer for us. As a result, we will not be comparing this scooter to more expensive models. In terms of performance, it easily outperforms even the best-selling M365, yet it’s only £100 more expensive. In terms of the finish and marketing, it may not be as slick.


Front spring stem and dual rear hydraulic suspension have been improved on the Horizon Fluid FreeRide, which is hoped to fix some of the issues that plagued prior models.

That being said, we can say with certainty that the journey is a joy to take. The suspension appears to be constructed to last, with rapid compression and recovery. We didn’t hear any squeaks or bangs, which is a positive sign.

Ride the Best

If you’re looking for an affordable, long-lasting scooter, go no further than the FreeRide.

This is a city-scooter through and through, so you’ll feel every bump and lump through the handlebars if you take it off-road. You’ll have less issues if you stick to the smooth stuff.

As a result of the rear hub motor, you may stand a little farther back on the deck because of the extra traction it provides. We found this to be a pleasant and relaxing experience.

The negatives? The handlebars were a little loose, and we had to tighten a few screws every now and then, but this isn’t unusual.


Fluid Freeride Horizon is equipped with a rear drum brake and rear-mounted rechargeable battery. The brakes are robust and can bring the scooter to a stop in less than 8 metres with a single lever. It’s not bad, but it’s also nothing special.

In order to operate, you have to exert some effort. As long as you keep them tucked down in the rear hub, they won’t need any attention.

When driving in wet or damp conditions, the brakes can be a worry. If you’re braking sharply, the rear can lock up. However, if the ground is slick or there is little traction, this could be disastrous.


We’ve already talked about how heavy it is, but when it’s folded up, it truly shines. While it doesn’t feel like much on the road, it can be exhausting to lift it up a flight of stairs because of its weight of 19 kilograms.

The stem and handlebar mechanism operate properly right out of the box with the folding mechanism.

With a somewhat larger size, you get better build quality and longer-lasting performance. It’s your money, and you may spend it as you choose.

Resistance to water

As a result, this electric scooter is not recommended for usage in damp conditions. Even though a few splashes in the puddles won’t hurt you, it could void your guarantee. We’ve already mentioned that the solid rear tyre’s wet traction is questionable, so we suggest finding another way to go to work.


There are LED lights on both the front and the back, however they aren’t very effective. Even though they’re the weakest element of the bundle, we’d recommend upgrading them first if you plan on going out at night.

There are also button lights on the side of the deck for additional illumination. They look good enough, but they don’t do much to protect you.


Pneumatic tyres on the front and solid, airless tyres on the back are included. Let’s begin at the top. All-around exceptional performance because to its excellent grip and traction.

The sturdy rear tyre, on the other hand, isn’t as good. A notable lack of grip is exacerbated by rainy conditions. It’s not a huge deal, but you’ll want to exercise caution when applying the brakes.


With a 46cm x 15cm area, you’ll have plenty of room to pick your ideal spot on the deck. It’s not massive, but it’s also not tiny. You’ll be standing a little closer to the back of the deck due to the placement of the rear motor.

For a commuter scooter, the 10cm of clearance provided is more than adequate. While it’s not recommended to ride through puddles or in the rain, the extra height helps keep you dry.

Assurance, Warranty, and Customer Service

It went without a hitch during our testing. According to previous user reviews, there aren’t any major issues to keep an eye on. You’ll need to clean it and charge the battery on a regular basis, as you would with any scooter. Otherwise, the Horizon will be a great companion for many years to come.


It’s a relatively self-sufficient mode of transportation. Keeping an eye on the tyre’s air pressure and inspecting it for signs of wear and tear are essential. The stem screws may need to be tightened if you’re riding for a long time, but that’s not unusual.

Assumed Problems

It appears that the Horizon does not have any major problems. Other reviews, on the other hand, have expressed concern over the charging connector, which is positioned in the front wheel. Angle the front wheel in order to plug it in. It’s a costly mistake if you turn the wheel while the plug is still in.

If we discover any new issues, we’ll update the review and share them with you so that you may read about them here before anybody else does.


In the box, you’ll find everything you need, but for added convenience, consider adding a carry handle and trolley wheels. Aftermarket lights are a good investment, as well.