How do you dress for success when working from home during a pandemic or going to the office for work? How do you dress for success? Do you get out of bed and go straight to the computer in your pajamas? Do you have your stern, corporate business outfits stashed away? Maybe you’re wearing a silk shirt and jacket oversleep shorts and fuzzy slippers to achieve the “business mullet.”

Don’t worry; we’re not going to judge you!

Perhaps a better thing to ask is how you dress while working from home. What work-at-home outfit will best support you and your current needs? What do you think you’d want to wear? What will make you feel at ease so you can stay focused and productive?

Maintain A Cozy-Chic Look!

Shouldn’t you focus on the work-from-home fashion you truly need rather than trying to project a particular image for someone else? Make your physical well-being a priority. It’s simple to do and quite efficient at reducing stress (have you experienced any lately?). Prioritize feeling good about yourself as well. A cozy-chic attire gives you a confidence boost that helps you get the most out of your day and creates a fantastic impact on individuals you speak with. So wear what makes you feel good about yourself and makes you feel good about yourself. As your new business wear rotation, embrace the loose lines and soft, breezy fabrics of stylish athleisure wear.

Keep in mind that the idea here is to be snug and comfortable, not dowdy or schlumpy. That old, ragged blouse with stains and a hole in the shoulder does not make you feel good, so save it for your next painting party in your closet. Keep your work from home loungewear clean, on-trend, and well-fitting, whether you have a day of Zoom meetings scheduled or a day working fully alone. A comfortable and fashionable work from home attire consists of a trendy pullover and matching joggers. Add a simple necklace or earrings and light makeup for a laid-back appearance that will have you ready to take on the day.

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For The Perfect Cozy-Chic Look Consider The Following:

There are a few things to bear in mind when planning your work from home outfits:

  • Don’t expose too much of your skin. Team members and clients expect more casual attire when working from home, but they also want to show that you’re serious about your business.
  • The text is read. Make sure your work-from-home attire reflects a positive attitude toward your job. For example, it’s okay to wear a tee that says “Be Kind.” Leave Queen of Beers or Buzzed on Bubbly for the weekend!
  • Your complete appearance is essential. You will perceive yourself from the waist down, even if others won’t (and mistakes happen!). You’ll feel better about yourself if you’re dressed tastefully from head to toe, and that’s vital!
  • Be good to yourself! Take frequent breaks to get up and walk around. Keep the coffee brewing and the blood pumping! While you’re filling up your coffee mug or getting another glass of water, stretch for 10 minutes. Healthy behaviors are easier to develop when wearing cozy, comfy clothing.
  • Let’s explore how the stylish girls are putting together and styling their work clothes with these principles in mind!

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