As the name would suggest, a call recording app or call recorder is a mobile application that allows its users to record their incoming and outgoing calls. There are various reasons why someone might want to record their phone calls. How many times have we put down an important call, only to wish later that we had recorded it? You never know when such records may come in handy.

What is a Call Recorder?

Call recording apps are smartphone applications that record incoming and outgoing phone calls. With a few clicks, it enables recordings for one or more users. These apps enable you to keep an accurate record of phone calls with audio from the caller and the recipient both recorded as playable files.

However, these apps are no longer functional and Google and Apple have long removed them from the Android and iOS app stores respectively. There are multiple reasons behind banning traditional call recording apps, which are discussed in the section below.

Why are Call Recorders Banned from App Stores?

Google has always opposed call recording apps and services. The tech giant considers call recording a breach of users’ privacy. For the same reason, the company’s dialer software now includes a loud and obvious “this call is currently being recorded” message. Before the recording begins, both participants clearly hear the alert.

In addition, iOS developers have decided not to support call recording applications whatsoever. The Apple App Store has also been cleared of apps that enable the recording capability, and all apps appearing to have similar features have also been removed.

Like Google, one of Apple’s primary reasons for taking this step is that mobile phone OS developers want to ensure that their customers’ privacy is not jeopardized. This has been addressed in the latest Android 13 and iOS 16 versions, and consumers can now freely use their mobile phones.

What are the Issues Traditional Call Recorders Had?

Everybody has a different rationale for recording phone calls. However, Android and iOS allege that this function exploits users and allows people to intrude on their privacy. On the other hand, some genuine reasons necessitate call recording, such as protecting your company’s information and ensuring the safety of your loved ones.

Even though call recorders have been prohibited and terminated from the Google and iOS app stores, the only method to record calls is to use third-party software.

How to Record Calls Without Traditional Call Recording Apps?

Monitoring apps are an alternative to typical call recording apps for recording calls. These programs do not require downloads from any app store, and the download link is provided directly by the app developers.

In essence, Android phones can easily sideload these apps onto their phones and install them by bypassing the Play Store.

What are Monitoring Apps?

These third-party mobile applications help you find out the activities of a device user. Usually, these apps work in a hidden mode, which means you can watch their real-time activities without letting them know.

Although there are numerous apps available on the internet, finding ones that work just as advertised can be a tricky business. Most apps do not support call recording and others refuse to work altogether.

Therefore, we have picked the three best apps that will help you record calls secretly. These apps could effectively be modern solutions that benefit your business’ security and help you monitor your kids’ calling habits.

1. Xnspy

Xnspy is our top pick on the list of monitoring apps. This spy app records phone calls and makes you capable of finding out everything happening on a target phone. The app is practically useful for recording calls and tracking the real-time location of your loved ones.

The software is user-friendly and its UI is simple enough for anyone to easily understand its functionalities. The availability of all the recorded information on an online portal is what makes Xnspy more reliable as compared to traditional apps. All you need to do is to go to the dashboard and click on any of the given options you desire to view.

Xnspy also works in its advertised “stealth” mode, which means that the app will remain invisible throughout the whole recording process. Unlike traditional apps, this software doesn’t send any messages or show any notifications during call recording. Besides the usual features, you can also view the target user’s browser history, and sent and received text messages, calls, and photos.


  • Works in stealth mode and remains hidden while monitoring the target device.
  • It is easy to use and requires only a one-time installation.
  • Simple and easy to understand UI.
  • The app allows data access on your phone, tablet, and computer from anywhere.
  • It records real-time activities, including the current and previous locations and geo-fencing.
  • It only requires a one-time installation on the target device.
  • It supports both the Android and iOS operating systems.


  • Some features require jailbreaking and rooting.
  • Requires a paid subscription.


  • The app provides reports of all the activities.
  • It notifies you 24/7 and keeps you up-to-date.
  • Take screenshots and save them automatically on the portal.
  • Records social media activities and messenger chats.
  • It provides control of the target device.
  • It allows blocking and managing apps.

2. Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is another immensely popular spy app that records phone calls. This app is also known for its useful features such as call recording and geo-fencing. The software is a robust monitoring program that allows you to track your child’s, partner’s, and employees’ calls, messages, and online activity.

Hoverwatch’s stealth mode feature also allows it to remain entirely concealed from the target device user, even if your children are knowledgeable about how their devices work. Because many parents are concerned about their child’s safety from cyberbullying and wasting time on inappropriate websites, it is one of the best solutions. The whole schedule is saved including appointments, reminders, and plans.


  • It keeps track of all contacts saved by the target device’s Android user.
  • The program records all of the user’s notes and to-do lists in the calendar of the monitored device.
  • The software keeps a complete track of every incoming, outgoing, unanswered, and missed calls on the target device.
  • There is a free trial version available.


  • You must have physical access to the target phone.
  • Several features are only available on rooted phones.
  • Paid plans are expensive compared to the rest.


  • Hoverwatch can remotely record every call made and received on the target device.
  • You have the option of listening to call audio directly on the panel or downloading it to your computer.
  • You can see every webpage that the target Android-powered device’s owner has visited.
  • All of their SMS and chat text messages are accessible online.
  • The software allows users to save screenshots of the target Android smartphones in the user panel.
  • The sim card tracker can assist you in monitoring the calls and SMS messages sent and received on the target device.

3. mSpy

mSpy is another popular app that can be used to keep an eye on your kids’ devices from anywhere. You can easily view all of their conversations thanks to it. The app allows call recording and location tracking, it is primarily designed for parents to better track their kids’ device use.

You can view SMS, including iMessage, as well as incoming and outgoing calls and SMS. This tool enables GPS and geofencing location tracking. You may check your browsing history, Wi-Fi network, and messages using this app.


  • It has features for location tracking and call recording.
  • Provides a detailed report of the device’s overall use.
  • Immediate notifications when specific words on a blacklist are used.


  • An expensive subscription makes it a costly tool for most.
  • User reviews aren’t the most promising.
  • Features require rooting and jailbreaking.


  • Access to both incoming and outgoing text messages.
  • Social media tracking is present but for limited apps.
  • You can determine whether the target phone’s battery is dead or not.
  • It provides sophisticated instant messenger monitoring.
  • Location tracking and location updates.

Almost all the latest mobile phones come with an integrated call recording feature. But in case you wish to perform some extra tasks like recording social media activities, you can pick a monitoring application to perform such tasks.

Kids today have multiple ways to keep themselves occupied but digital tools remain the most popular option for them. Parents also know that phones and gadgets open a world of issues for their children too, which is why they may want to keep an eye on their activities.

To achieve this level of personal surveillance, pick the most suitable app from the above-mentioned options. Remember that all of the apps mentioned here do not take responsibility for any social or legal troubles you may face as a result of your spying. So always ensure you’re using these software responsibly and with consent.