For most of us, smelling good is an important part of our everyday routine. It is not just about attracting other people but also being satisfied with the scent you emanate. If you identify with this feeling, you are in the right place. Being someone who is very particular about their perfumes is slightly difficult because it takes a lot of different samples to figure out the scent that speaks to you. Plus, you want to keep different colognes for different occasions, depending on their vibe. So, the overall process of selecting a scent means you have to spend quite some time figuring out the one you like.

However, if you don’t have time, you can just read through the perfumes we have sorted out for you. The experts are just as picky or even more so because they compare the scents to the other options available in the market and then produce a list for the users. Keep reading our blog to find out which of the YSL cologne for men made it here.

YSL has been a favorite among the customers for a long time and the Yves St. Laurent colognes has also made it to the celebrities, making it one of the most popular brands. Let’s check out the best YSL colognes of the season so you can decide which one to make your signature scent this time around.