2022 has all about New Year resolutions and promises of looking flawless by the time December rolls around. Lots of people start with different motivations but the goal is the same- to achieve fitness and a body that is well-admired. Since it is almost time for the summers, you have to look your absolute best in the attires. All the summer sales are going to be out soon and you would be desiring the ramp-worthy look that would turn heads.

Until you get into the fitness routine that helps you achieve the ideal figure, we have a hack that will make your lives ten times better. In fact, you don’t even need to lose excess weight for that. The shapewear for lower belly pooch gives you an instant silhouette figure that screams model in every outfit. It accentuates your curves in all the right places and flattens all the unnecessary fat that accumulates in your thighs, belly, and FUPA.

So, in order to improve your sitting posture, straighten your back and look remarkable in anything you wear, get the best tummy control shapewear. Trust us, it would make your life much easier and more glamorous. Plus, you don’t even need to go through the mind-numbing task of finding one for yourself because our experts have done the job for you! So keep reading.

Our Top Picks for Best Shape Wear for Tummy

  1. Loday Waist Trainer Corset
  2. Nebility Women Butt Lifter Shapewear
  3. Gotoly Women Body Shaper
  4. Irisnaya Shapewear Bodysuit
  5. Shaperx Women’s Shapewear

1.      Loday Waist Trainer Corset

Designed with double-layer high compression fabric, this lower belly shapewear is ideal for people who want to get that hourglass figure without any effort. It is surprisingly light and stretchable so no matter how much fat you want to cover, it will definitely make your life easier. You won’t feel the slightest discomfort and can continue to do your work as-is with this instant fat burner. To wear it, you just need to adjust the zipper and connect the hooks as per the desired tightness, and voila! You can don an outfit and look spectacular.

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Product Pros

  • Double layered
  • Adjustable hooks
  • Stretchable fabric
  • Doesn’t roll
  • Durable zipper

Product Cons

  • Not machine-washable
  • Might stretch out over time

2.      Nebility Women Butt Lifter Shapewear

As the name suggests, this one is designed specifically for a flattering derriere to make every pair of jeans look like they were made for you. It helps in tightening the lower half of your body and lifts the excess fat at the back of your thigh so you can fully fill in the bottoms. Also, it flattens your belly fat so the stomach looks smooth enough to fit any top. You get two layers of stretchy fabric with this one and you don’t even feel its presence under the layers of the clothes. This is the best shapewear for the stomach for daily wear.

Product Pros

  • Ergonomic design
  • Lightweight
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Durable

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Product Cons

  • Quite short

3.      Gotoly Women Body Shaper

This one is for all the fancy women who want to feel gorgeous inside out. It is curated with lace on the thighs and buttocks and makes for seductive body wear. Along with beauty, you get great durability and sweat-wicking technology so there is no risk of irritation. The waistband is stretchable enough to not hinder your daily activities and you can go about your day feeling relaxed. We especially recommend it for slim-cut jeans and dresses that bring out your curves.

Product Pros

  • Breathable fabric
  • Elegant lace design
  • Elastic waistband
  • True to size
  • Best shapewear for tummy control

Product Cons

  • Might get loose over time

4.      Irisnaya Shapewear Bodysuit

Irisnaya has designed the best plus-size shapewear for the belly pouch to make sure no woman feels left out. It is inclusive of all body types and has an extra waistline and stretch to accommodate the size. The fabric is quite soft and lets your skin breathe without letting the moisture accumulate inside the corset. When worn perfectly, it can flatter your chest area as well as the buttocks fine enough to make every outfit look absolutely gorgeous on you. Plus, it has no chest pad so you can wear any bra you want.

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Product Pros

  • Full body coverage
  • Wide shoulder straps
  • Lightweight
  • Skin-friendly fabric
  • Durable
  • Seamless design

Product Cons

  • Might feel uncomfortable around the chest area.

5.      Shaperx Women’s Shapewear

What makes this the best shapewear for the tummy is the anti-droop open bust that has a U-shaped front which makes your chest seem attractive. The fat in your armpits is conveniently covered with this corset and it comes with three layers, the middle one being latex lining.  You get adjustable shoulder straps as well as three hooks near the bottom for proper closure. This also means that when you use the restroom, you wouldn’t face any trouble with it.

Product Pros

  • Seamless stitch
  • Skin-friendly fabric
  • Sweat free
  • Comfortable fit

Product Cons

  • Not firm enough
  • Not suitable for all body types

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How to Buy the Best Shapewear for Lower Belly Pooch?

There are lots of things to consider when you go out shopping for a garment that enhances your fitness and makes your curves look more desirable. The above-mentioned products are the best ones in the market right now and the following are the characteristics that you should be looking for when deciding upon your fit.


Since the shapewear clings to your skin all day, you have to make sure it is extremely comfortable. It should be soft and breathable so you don’t have any rashes at the end of the day. We suggest you go for materials like nylon and spandex as they are great for winters but in summers, the heat and sweat can get a bit too much.


It all comes down to your use of the shapewear. While some people prefer to wear it all day, others are more comfortable with donning it only on special occasions. If you are going for regular wear, make sure it doesn’t compress you completely. You can bear it for a few hours but the extra pressure on the stomach can cause trouble with bowel movements later.

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Since you want the shapewear to fit you like a second skin, it is only fair that you go for a true-to-size option. After all, what’s the point of getting into the suit if it’s going to hang limply around you. So, make sure the size is accurate and it fits in all the right places.


Picking shapewear is as important as choosing an outfit for a special day. The only way the dress will work is if the bodysuit you get for compression is a suitable match for you. So, go through the list above and find yourself the best shapewear to flatten the excess weight and naturally enhance your curves.

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1.      Should you buy smaller shapewear?

No, it wouldn’t help if the compression is too tight. You will hardly be able to breathe.

2.      How can I hide my lower belly pooch?

Get shapewear that rounds your waist and lifts up your bottom perfectly.

3.      What is the best shapewear for tummy?

The Loday Waist Trainer corset has been receiving a lot of praise among the fitness circles.

4.      Does shapewear alter weight?

No, once you remove the bodysuit, your curves will assume the natural silhouette.

5.      How do I flatten my FUPA?

Shapewear that flattens your belly pooch will also work on your FUPA and thighs.