Only the title has brought the fresh, buttery smell of popcorn to my nostrils. Hasn’t it done the same for you? No, well, maybe this blog might give you a craving for popcorn.  

It is no secret that popcorn is our favorite snack, especially in movies. Whether it is a blockbuster that we keep revisiting on our home screens or a recent release that has just hit the cinemas, we need popcorn.

But the best kind of popcorn are the ones you make in your sweats! The one when you can enjoy a peaceful binge-watch that goes on for the whole night! Nothing beats the flavor of that popcorn combined with either the tanginess of the spice or the smoothness of the butter. Which one do you like?

Whichever one it is, you need the best oil to pop popcorn is the one that brings the snack to melt in your mouth. Hence, in this blog, we will cover the 5 best oil for popcorn along with a buying guide for your aid.