Traditionally, being healthy and well means eating a diet based on the food pyramid, exercising regularly, and visiting the doctor regularly — but nowadays, people just living their life to work longer, nobody is focused on their health and wellness.

Everything has changed as a result of this sociological transformation. All of the information we need to monitor, maintain, and improve our health and wellness is instantaneously available thanks to modern technology. Every health and wellness step we take (or don’t take) can be recorded, and the Nutrition Facts panel has become a must-read for consumers.

The potential for brands in the multibillion-dollar health and wellness business is undeniable. Consumers want personal, meaningful ways to achieve their health and wellness goals. Health and wellness firms may use social media to inspire and drive their customers to do just that.

Here are 10 health and wellness items brands that thrive at social media marketing, which tracks and analyzes a wide range of public interactions between brands and customers. Also, some of them can be excellent health and wellness gifts for your family and friends.