Are you a regular golf player who just can’t seem to improve their game? We know that a lot of experts tell you to enhance your technique or get the right equipment but honestly, there is one thing that you might be ignoring that has a major impact on the game itself- golf gloves. This may not be the first piece of equipment that comes to your mind when you want to get your gear but it is extremely important to get your technique right with the right set of golf gloves. After all, the sport is all about hitting the clubs at the right angle with the strength of your arm and the grips of your fingers. If your hands are uncomfortable, you might never be able to take the champion shot you so earnestly desire.

To make your problem vanish in a matter of minutes, we have come up with a great solution. A good golf glove guide can help you decide which grip to play with and help you escalate your game without worrying about any other equipment issues. Your hand must remain sweat-free so you can enjoy the game and show everyone how great you are at golf. No matter which condition you are playing in, the cool golf gloves mentioned below will 100% make your life easy and convenient. Your choice of gloves will depend on what and how you prefer to play the game. This is why our buying guide is the perfect place to browse through because we have tested almost all the best ones in the market.

So, if you are a regular golfer and looking to hit it out of the park and land into the hole that your friends thought you could never conquer, here are the top-rated gold gloves that will not only improve your game but also make you look extremely cool while doing so. Are you ready to champion the art of golf? If yes, let’s begin.

How to Find the Best Golf Glove?

The thing which makes the golf glove suitable for you is the preference. You need to assess which conditions you are playing in and how much longer do you need to hold the club. For instance, a sweat-free technology won’t be of much use if the weather in your region is generally windy and cold. You have to keep in mind that the thing which remains connected to the club with which you are hitting the ball are your gloves. If they are perfect, only then can you focus on your technique and improve it. Apart from preference, there are several other features that make certain gloves stand out. Let’s see what they are.


If you have just started playing golf and are looking for good golf gloves, you should know that the fit depends on which hand you use to take the swing. If you play right-handed, you will wear the glove on your left hand because that is the hand you use to hold your club and take the swing. Your grip will be decided from the other hand. Conversely, if you are a left-handed player, you need to look for gloves that fit in your right hand to maintain a good grip on the club. This is just the rule of the thumb but if you need to make an exception, the choice is yours. At the end of the day, your swing has to be perfect and that is what golfing gloves help you achieve.

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This is where the actual features begin. Before you set out foot in the market, you should be aware of the kind of gloves you need. This will greatly narrow down your choice. The grip of different materials differs so if you prefer leather, it would be much harder than a synthetic one but the latter will allow you to relax your hand better while taking the swing. The other options are wet weather models and cotton which all come with the set of qualities that are preferred by different golfers. It all comes down to what you want based on the weather conditions around you because every material has its own pros and cons. Sometimes, you are lucky and you are able to get the same product in different materials as well.


After figuring out which type of golf gloves you prefer, the second pit stop is the material. When it comes to leather golf gloves, you will find an extremely fit grip with the softest of material on the inside so you can swing with perfection. You won’t even feel as if you are wearing gloves and would just be able to take your shot without any discomfort. This is important when you don’t want any hurdle to get between you and your game. The second material that you will find in abundance is synthetic leather which is essential for not binding your hand to a piece of fabric. The parts are attached to the glove to make sure that the flexibility is not compromised and your knuckles don’t feel the pressure while you are holding the club.

Even though leather gloves are all the rage, you will see that many people actually prefer synthetic because of how durable they are. No one wants to change the fit they have found once over and over again and this is the hassle that you get rid of with the synthetic material. As far as the wet weather designs are concerned, they are better suited to protect you against the rough fabric of the rest. If you are a regular player, you have to spend ample time on the course getting your scores straight. This can mean that you have to wear the gloves for a longer duration and it can cause some roughness to your hands. However, with the best men’s golf gloves that we have compiled, you can take care of the softness of your hands. The all-weather fabric is best for protection against the weather as well and they last for a long time in harsh weather conditions.

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It all comes down to fit. This is the first question you should be asking yourself when picking a glove. A lot of times, the material and the type of gloves are sorted but when you wear them, you don’t feel they fit you naturally. The grip is what helps you achieve the perfect swing and if for some reason you are unable to do so, your entire game would be compromised. So, this automatically means that you should look for gloves that glide across your palm and hold your fingers in a tight grip, but not tight enough to limit flexibility.

If any part of the fabric is appearing loose on your hand, it will make the grip sloppy and there is a chance for you to miss your target. So, getting a loose fit is not an option at all. With extreme tightness, however, your fingers would be unable to move and the discomfort might affect your shot. This is why an ideal fit is the one that covers your hand like a second skin and shouldn’t rest on your palm loosely or tight enough to cut off the blood supply.

When you try on the gloves, you should be able to form a grip around the club without it getting in the way and the material should stick to the handle instead of gliding off.

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The last thing on our list that will ensure that you are on your A-game every time is comfort. Whenever you are picking a piece of attire that you have to wear for a long duration, it needs to provide comfort to you and sit on your skin without reminding you every 2 seconds that you are wearing it. This is the exact issue with gloves. Each and every product is tested with care with us and we make sure that whichever ones we pick to provide the highest level of comfort to the customers. Be it the seams or the material, the gloves shouldn’t cause you any itchiness and you shouldn’t have to remove them constantly to wipe off the sweat. If you are uncomfortable during the game, it will 100% affect you and you wouldn’t be able to take the shot that you are aiming for. This is why we are here with the best golf gloves for men, women, and anyone who needs to become a master of the sport.

Now that you have figured out what to look for in the gloves, let’s get right into which ones would you be picking this season.

Our Top Picks for the Best Golf Gloves

  1. Best Golf Gloves: Titleist Perma Soft Golf Glove
  2. Runner up for Best Gloves: TaylorMade Tour Preferred Flex Golf Glove
  3. High-Quality Gloves: FootJoy StaSof Golf Glove
  4. Best Value Gloves: FootJoy WeatherSof Golf Glove
  5. Great for Lower Handicappers: Titleist Players Golf Glove
  6. Best for Senior Golfers: BIONIC Gloves StableGrip Golf Glove
  7. Best for Humid Conditions: Callaway Golf Opti Grip Golf Glove
  8. Best For Cold Weather: FootJoy WinterSof Golf Gloves
  9. Endorsed by Professionals: Callaway Tour Authentic
  10. Best Looking and Function: Under Armour Iso-Chill

1.      Titleist Perma Soft Golf Glove

If you are a regular buyer of golf gloves, you know that the list cannot be complete without introducing the Titleist pair as the best in the market. They have been in the business for the longest time and know what the customers want without any dictation. From the customers to the experts, everyone falls in love with whatever Titleist puts out on the table because they take care of the most important problem that all golfers experience: fit.

When it comes to the Perma gloves, you will notice that they are quite soft on the inside so your skin doesn’t feel any irritation. As far as the fit is concerned, it is quite ideal for all golf lovers because it is quite firm and the fabric of the leather is thin so it covers your hand like a second skin. It feels like a regular glove and nothing that you wouldn’t want to wear even outside the golf club. The only problem some people might face here is that it is white and might get dirty. But, Titleist has a solution for that too. It is manufactured with satin reinforcement which can be seen on the thumb and cuff. So, you can wash it with your clothes and no harm would be done to the fabric. It is available in various sizes.


  • Soft Cabretta leather
  • Longevity
  • Satin reinforcement
  • Available in many sizes
  • Easy to wash
  • Thin leather
  • Great fit


  • Might get dirty quickly
  • Expensive than most gloves

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2.      TaylorMade Tour Preferred Flex Golf Glove

This one also makes it to the top of our list. TaylorMade gloves are known for not just their great fit but also their unmatched comfort. It comes with breathable technology that wipes and evaporates all the gathered sweat, making it extremely easy for you to focus on your game. The wrist band of this one also wicks away all the moisture with continuous airflow so you can wear the band for however long you want and keep your head in the game.

You would notice the gloves are made with a thick material that ensures a great grip so neither do you lose your hold on the club nor the match itself. 4-way stretch nylon is used in its manufacturing, making it one of the most reliable gloves on the list. We say that if you want to invest in a pair of high-quality golf gloves, this is certainly the piece you should buy.


  • Breathable
  • Airflow
  • Moisture-wicking technology
  • Natural fit
  • Great grip
  • Made with nylon
  • Comfort all-day


  • Velcro needs to be adjusted

3.      FootJoy StaSof Golf Glove

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on the first choice we have listed, this is the alternative you should be opting for. With the same level of softness and comfort, this is one of the best picks in the price range. An advanced performance leather is used in the manufacturing of this product which means you can wear it for as long as you want. Also, this is a good investment if you are a regular golfer so it stays in its prime condition for the longest time. You can wash it, however, many times and will be blown away with the softness that the gloves come with. Even though you will find many options on the list that will keep your hand protected during the rain, StaSof is also an amazing alternative if your region experiences occasional rain. No matter how wet or humid the conditions get, this will always perform when you want it to. All the moisture accumulated in the hands, be it sweat or rainwater will be wicked away immediately keeping your hand cool and your head calm enough to be in the game. It also comes with great fitting technology so you don’t need to put a lot of effort into wearing or removing it.


  • High-quality leather
  • Durable
  • Soft
  • Do not get rough with wash
  • Sweat-wicking technology
  • Amazing fit


  • Slightly pricey

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4.      FootJoy WeatherSof Golf Glove

Another option from the same brand makes it to our list because of the great protection that it offers. If you are concerned about any rashes or blisters forming on your skin as a result of the bad weather or even sweat accumulation, this is the pair that you should try. One of the best things about FootJoy is the material and how greatly it holds up during tough conditions. It comes with a remarkable grip that leaves all golfers joyous because they know how accurate their shot would be with the help of this pair.

Of course, since it is FootJoy the leather is high performing, especially within the palm patch to increase your hold on the golf club. Just wearing the gloves would give you such a soft feeling that you would long to grab the stick and take your shot to see how cool you look doing so. The back of the gloves is fitted with mesh which is a breathable fabric designed to introduce flexibility in the pair so your fingers can easily stretch and you don’t feel as if your blood supply has been cut off. It is made with synthetic leather and can endure your normal machine wash. If you feel you need to clean them better, all you have to do is soak them in warm water with detergent and the self-cleaning tech in the gloves will do the job.


  • Affordable
  • Machine washable
  • Tight grip
  • Breathable mesh
  • Secure fit
  • Easy to use closure tab
  • High performing leather


  • Thicker than the rest

5.      Titleist Players Golf Glove

Titleist is the company that knows how to do gloves right, no matter what the requirement is. They have always been extremely reliable and consistent in their approach. With this pair, they have delivered what the customers asked. If you are a regular golfer or even watch the sport on occasion, you would know that some lower handicappers don’t like to hold the club and take their shot with gloves. The reason behind this is that they want their swing to be as accurate as possible and this is why gloves might pose a hindrance to their precision. But, Titleist made sure everyone had a pair for the tight grip.

With the thinnest leather on the market, the Players golf gloves make sure your hand is connected to the club and feels completely natural. The grip is extremely tight so not even for a second are you distracted from the goal of landing in the hole you have your eyes on. It is a premium product that is specifically designed for professionals and we suggest that you get your hands on it if you want to get into the big leagues. The cuff and thumbs are reinforced with satin which makes the fabric rest on your hand gently and keeps them soft throughout the day. It is also beneficial in helping the gloves remain intact since they are super thin and even the slight harshness can cause them to rip. Apart from professionals, even if you are a beginner and you want to test how much effect a good pair of gloves can have on your game, Titleist is a good choice to experiment with.


  • Thin material
  • Made for professionals
  • Durable
  • Satin reinforcement
  • High performance
  • Premium quality
  • Tight fit


  • Don’t use it if your skin is vulnerable to blisters

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6.      BIONIC Gloves StableGrip Golf Glove

As you age, you might feel that your grip on the club is getting slightly weak. But, does that mean that you should give up on your passion? Bionic says no. With older age, you might develop arthritis and since golf is primarily a game of how well you hold the stick, it can prove to be a challenge. But, if your mind has all the strength to defeat the newbies, why shouldn’t your hand follow the suit? To make golf fun for people of all ages, Bionic has come up with these StableGrip gloves that have a tight grip and provide stability to the stance of your hand.

Your connection with the club is instantly built as you wear these and experience the comfort and grip of the old days. Between the fabric, you will find Lycra material in the gloves that help you move your palm and fingers without any problem so the stiffness doesn’t cause any more problems with your arthritis. The gloves are quite durable so it is a good investment for a long time. We suggest that you get these as a gift for your dad or grandpa whose love for golf just doesn’t seem to die.


  • Machine washable
  • Durable
  • More swing speed for old golfers
  • Special fabric
  • Flexible
  • Help with arthritis


  • Not as good as thin leather gloves

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7.      Callaway Golf Opti Grip Golf Glove

If you live in a region where rain is always an occurrence, playing any sport is a challenge. But since everyone is pretty used to the conditions, the game never stops. The same happens with golf and many experts suggest that it is actually a wise idea to wear gloves during the sport to help maintain the grip. If you play with bare hands during rain or even when the weather is humid, the chances are that your grip will slip and you won’t be able to take the shot you want. The Callaway golf gloves are here to save the day as they are made with a specific material and technology that keep your hands moisture-free in extreme conditions.

No matter how wet the weather gets, you will still be able to aim to perfection because the tight fit of the gloves will make sure of it. This pair has microfiber suede situated right in the palm so as soon as moisture hits it, it is immediately wicked away. With this fabric, you don’t even have to look twice because the gloves dry immediately, leaving you cool and dry. What makes this pair stand out among the rest is that they can survive almost any harsh conditions and still remain as intact and soft as the day you bought them. We are 100% sure that after buying these, you will be able to enhance your game and survive all wet circumstances.


  • Excellent grip
  • Works super well in wet conditions
  • Durable
  • Soft
  • Made with high-performance fabric
  • Dries quickly
  • Tight fit


  • Not good for everyday wear

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8.      FootJoy WinterSof Golf Gloves

We just can’t get enough of this brand. As you can see, FootJoy has mastered all types of gloves and has made sure that you can survive in any condition, no matter how difficult it gets to play golf. One thing you should never compromise on is your passion for the game and with this amazing pair, you will see how you can keep your hands warm even if you live in Siberia. Basically, what winters do is that they make your hands quite stiff which means that when you hold the club, you are not able to move your fingers around it flexibly.

This can prove a great hindrance when you are trying to take the perfect shot. This is why we suggest that you go for winter golf gloves that will serve as super protection against the harsh winds and ensure your hands remain soft. The connection with the club will be greatly improved and you won’t have to worry about losing your grip due to cold weather. Even if you are playing in the snow, your aim won’t falter. The best thing about the gloves is their cuff is longer than usual which gives you great coverage so the entirety of your hand remains warm.


  • Keeps wind and cold away
  • Warm
  • Sold in pairs
  • Good material
  • Great coverage of the hand
  • Flexible and stretches nicely


  • Pulling it on can be difficult

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9.      Callaway Tour Authentic

Made with Cabretta leather, these gloves are available in various sizes. From just the first look, our experts were super impressed with the professional stitching and the quality of the product. The leather glides smoothly on your skin and the stretchable quality means that you can move around your fingers effortlessly. The additional elastic is present on the cuffs that make the overall look buzz with sophistication. The reason why this particular pair caught our eye was that it was worn by professional golfers and praised for the high grip technology it comes with.

No matter how precise you want your swing to be, this technology is right there to assist you with everything. It created such a great impact on every shot that all the experts and professionals were praised for this product. We suggest that you get this if you are planning to take golf as more than just a hobby. Even upon turning wet, the fabric of the gloves made sure they wipes away all additional moisture and left the hands extremely dry and cool. So, keep your head in the game with the firm grip and tight fit of the Callaway Tour.


  • Elevated branding
  • Worn by professionals
  • Tight grip
  • Moisture-wicking technology
  • Works in wet conditions
  • Amazing stitch
  • Soft leather
  • Flexible


  • Velcro might be a problem

10.  Under Armour Iso-Chill

You might not have heard of this brand typically if you have been searching for golf gloves all around. But the reason why this made our list is simple: the performance is amazing enough to impress the experts. What is unique about this pair is that just one look at it will convince you to buy the gloves and wear them to your next game. The designers have put in quite the effort on the look and it is sufficiently paying off with how aesthetic the gloves look on your hands. It truly makes you feel like a champion and if you have the rest of the sports gear, it will fit right in.

An extra mesh is present in the back panel of the Under Armor gloves that adds to the comfort level of the wearer and shows the logo in style. Seriously, how well-thought-out is the design! The only downside is that in this price range, you would be slightly disappointed with the durability. They are not known to last longer even though the performance, the grip, and the fit are all quite amazing. The stitching leaves something for the imagination so it is a good pair if you are not a regular golfer but you would have to keep replacing it if you head to the club regularly.


  • Cool under armor branding
  • Aesthetic look
  • High performance
  • Breathable fabric
  • Tight fit
  • Wounds around the fingers well


  • Not durable

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How We Test the Gloves?

Since you are trusting us to form an opinion and invest in a product that will stay with you for a long time, it is only fair that you understand how our experts are invested in the selection process. They make sure that you are guided towards the best-golfing equipment so all of your days are successful and you can take as many aims as you want to achieve the perfection you desire.


Your hand needs to breathe for you to be able to play like a champion. Nothing is more of a dealbreaker for the golfer than having to remove their gloves again and again to wipe the sweat and then continue to play. It breaks the momentum and is generally very annoying. This is why we are always focused on well the airflow is in the gloves. If you live in humid conditions, this should be a must-consider for you. The mesh at the back of the hand or even the sweat-wicking technology makes your day easier so we say that you always look for those. A Velcro option serves when it comes to breathability because it flicks away all the moisture and doesn’t let it accumulate on your wrist.


Being a regular golfer requires a lot of effort from you. We are sure many people tell you to invest in the right equipment if you want to be the best in the field. One of the things that require you to hit the perfect shot is your gloves and if you have to keep changing them after every month, it can be quite annoying and also very expensive for you. Gloves are usually a long-term investment that should be considered especially when you are a regular and want to achieve a high level. For these, the pair should be machine washable and should be made with high-performance leather that doesn’t break down after a couple of wears. To test these out, our experts do a lot of round checkups on them and keep them in use for months to see how well they are performing. After that, the gloves are included in the list.

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The reason why you are going through all this trouble is to actually play the game and if you are unable to do so, then what is the point. From your grip to the fit of the gloves, everything needs to be extremely accurate for your playability to improve. The fit shouldn’t be loose and hanging around your palms because that will just make you lose the aim you are going for. This is ensured when good leather is used in the manufacturing that doesn’t get loose even after a lot of washes. A lot of experts suggest that you should get thick leather for long-lasting performance but that might not hold true for lower handicappers. Still, we pick the best options from all the available fabrics and present them to you.


After browsing through the guide, we are sure you can now see why you need gloves to excel at the game. Just like all the rest of the equipment like clubs, balls, and even your own arm strength, gloves help you make your shot better. Professional golfers are seen wearing these to improve their grip so their swing hits the target they are hoping to achieve. But, even if you are not a regular, you would still want to consider these to at least be the champion among your friends.

All the companies that we have mentioned are excellent at doing their work. They stand out because of their impeccable stitching and high-end designs and they can be seen on various golfing tours as well. The professionals endorse the brands and so do our experts. The preference now falls to you. Whichever conditions you live in can be a key deciding factor in picking the perfect gloves. We suggest you go for the wet wicking technology options if your region has more moisture. Other than that, we have also listed out products for old people who could be suffering from problems like arthritis.

Our top pick of the list is Titleist Perma Soft and the reason is simple: it outshines performance. Experts have noticed a visible improvement in the swings of golfers upon wearing these and even though they are slightly expensive, the investment is worth it. You wouldn’t have to replace them for a very long time and they fit you like a second skin. Plus, the company is best known for making golf gloves and always listens to what the customers are saying. What could be a better option for you!


1.      Are leather golf gloves better than the rest?

For most people, leather golf gloves work really well because of their high durability. They stay in premium condition even after a lot of use and the design remains intact as well. Plus, the look and feel are a class apart on their own and so golfers generally prefer leather. However, if you have a skin condition or you just want to explore other options, there are lots of other materials available in the market as well. In fact, you can go for something synthetic as well.

2.      How long do golf gloves last?

They should typically survive with you for at least 6 months and that is only when you are a regular golfer. If you are a professional and head to the club daily, the gold gloves would do justice to your six months-round. You should take care of them, wash them according to the instructions and the pair will become your companion. However, if you play occasionally, one set should be enough for all your visits to the club.

3.      Which hand should I buy the glove for?

Right-handed golfers wear gloves on their left hands because that is the hand that is used for the grip and vice versa. This is because when you take the aim, the opposite hand is used for the swing even though the strength is coming from the other one. But, it is totally up to you so whichever hand you feel comfortable with is the one you should be wearing your gloves on. Some experts also suggest wearing both as they look stylish and you don’t have to keep removing them.

4.      Which company makes the best golf gloves?

Titleist and FootJoy have a monopoly over the market. These are the companies that have stayed in the business for the longest time and have provided great solutions for whatever the customer asked. From fit to fabric, they do it all and you can find amazing options available for all situations. Both the brands work with leather and their performance has been rated highly by experts and customers.

5.      Do I need to wear a glove for golf?

Honestly, people have gone without as well but that doesn’t mean that your game wouldn’t be improved if you wear it. If you are a regular golfer, you should invest in the gloves and the tight fit. The clutch definitely helps in humid conditions when your hand gets a little extra sweaty so we would say that gloves will enhance your performance. Plus, most professionals wear the pair so it is definitely an added bonus.