All of us are aware of the benefits of having a best free VPN on our desktop or smartphones but to choose the Best free VPN has many steps and important considerations. 

What is a VPN?

To abbreviate this three letter word, VPN is defined as Virtual Private Network. It gives you a basic hidden identity or anonymity in the world of internet. If you are searching for best free VPN then chances are you might be aware of the need of having a reliable VPN added to your desktop extension. 

A VPN can make a private network with a public internet connection. It basically digs a way to reach a website so your IP address and details are untraceable to the subsequent website. People use VPN for many reasons, to access a site that has been regionally blocked, to access an information they do not want to be associated with and to keep their online security private and confidential. 

Best Free VPN for Windows: List of Best Free VPN In 2022

Either way you cannot just rely on any service that uses VPN as an extension to its name but a best free VPN has several features to it that make it the finest choice. 

To find the best VPN for your PC that provides you encryption and anonymity while you are shopping online, paying bills, sending important emails and keeping the browsing anonymous, you need to look through a variety of options and learn the best one for you. 

Why do you Need VPN?

With the advent and popularity of internet we are not even safe in our homes. Like it or not but we are watched over by internet agents (as we like to call them), who are making notes of all the clicks, searches, typing and bookmarks we make. 

As much as it helps us in getting personalized search results it is also a breach of privacy. Especially when it is something as critical as your passwords to important accounts and credit card information.  A best free VPN removes all these sorts of worries from your life. 

Best Free VPN for Torrenting

When you search online or connect to an unsecured Wi-Fi, while having a brunch at the coffee shop, you are much pleased about the free Wi-Fi but it is not all good. Your browsing habits and connectivity to each Wi-Fi, all the data transferred or received during your browsing or research is vulnerable to be discovered. This is how harmful an unprotected network system is. 

And a VPN provides you security and safety. Even if you are dealing with sensitive business and accounts information and don’t have a place other than a busy coffee shop, why would you want everyone to break your privacy? Hence VPN for Safe protection

How A Best Free VPN does Provides you Online Security?

VPNs operate by building a secret path that connects your local network and an escape node in another city, which may be thousands of miles away, allowing you to appear to be in another location. 

This advantage gives you online privacy, allowing you to browse your favorite applications and websites when you’re on the go. As data is transmitted over a Wi-Fi network, VPNs use cryptography to scramble it. The data is made unreadable after encryption. 

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When using a public Wi-Fi network, data encryption is particularly critical because it prohibits someone else on the network from listening in on your internet activities. There’s more to privacy than meets the eye. Your internet service provider will see your entire browsing history if you don’t have a VPN. Your search history is secret when you use a VPN. 

Since the web operation would be aligned with the VPN server’s IP address rather than your own, this is the case. A VPN provider can have servers located all over the globe. As a result, your search behavior may seem to come from all of them. Keep in mind that search engines watch your search history as well, but they’ll link it to an IP address that isn’t yours. 

Your VPN will, once again, keep your online behavior confidential. And with so many important transactions and online decisions being made every day, who would want their privacy to be invaded by every one? The answer is no one. Which is why you need a best free VPN. The best thing about a Best VPN? It is free and easy. 

Best Free VPN for PC

Free VPN vs. Paid VPN

Who wants to guard your home without getting anything in return? It seems pretty unreal when a service provider is willing to provide all the advanced internet security but not charging a penny to you. They must be getting something out of it. While many internet heroes have made best free VPN accessible to everyone there is a Catch to everything. 

Whether they are using the platform to display some ads or might be selling your whole browsing data or info to a third party which is a stab in the back. Free vpn also allow limited data to be browsed and there is a compromise on the speed as well. 

In some cases the speed is so low and the limitations are so high that you end up frustrated while trying to stream a video but if a VPN is a tiny need or a not that great of need in your life then the Best free VPNs are going to help you. 

However you could always pay a little money to upgrade to a paid version and get better services. Some best free vpn are so best that they are free to use but with a little upgrade to pro version you get much improved protection and performance. 

Pros of a Free Vpn

  • A free VPN service allows you to browse the Internet in a veiled (anonymous) manner. Other than the VPN server, your IP address will not be available to websites you access, giving you more freedom, secrecy, and anonymity online.
  • There is no fee to use a free VPN service.
  • A free VPN service usually does not ask you to sign up (register) for any of your biographic details, financial information, or publicly identifying information.
  • When you use a free VPN app, you get a lot of anonymity.

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Cons of a Free VPN

  • Your use (megabytes) and the number of servers open to you are usually limited with free VPN services. 
  • Connecting to the server and the websites you’re accessing for a free VPN service normally takes an excessive amount of time.
  • There will be several lags, pauses, hanging websites, disconnections, and other interruptions.
  • Your browsing pace will be slowed by any free VPN service.
  • Your online connections would be bombarded with promotional content if you use a free VPN programme.

A paid VPN service on the other hand provides a greater sense of peace to the mind, an improved security and a lot of features that you would want from a Best VPN service. When it comes to high security, privacy and improved loading times, paid VPN does offer some benefits over free Vpn. 

Pros of a Paid VPN

  • A paid VPN provides a solid network with hundreds of servers connected globally. 
  • You will get greater accessibility
  • They have a direct income resource so they don’t have hidden ways of earning money
  • They don’t bombard your page with advertisements. 
  • They offer multi-platform support and access
  • No limitations on bandwidth capacity
  • They provide other services too, such as customer care, live chat, and technical assistance. 

Cons of a Paid VPN

  • Users that use paid VPN services must pay a weekly, semi-annual, or annual charge to use the service.
  • Not all paid VPN providers are reliable. Any of them will keep track of the data and sell it to third parties.
  • You must insert your biographic details and payment information for all paying VPN services. This is a protection issue in and of itself.
  • Customers have no means of checking the veracity of paid VPN providers that appear to have a “no logs” policy.

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What are the Features of a Good VPN?

A good VPN or more like a best free VPN is your savior in today’s world when nothing is safe. And if you are one of those people with an opaque tape on your web cam, you must realize the sensitivity of ways in which our privacy can be invaded. A best free VPN for starters provides you a peace of mind. It does not take up a lot of time in installation and setup nor it is costly, but it is free. 

To separate a good vpn from a best free vpn you must understand the basic functions a vpn should be able to do for you. Here are some of the important information that you may not find too important to hide, but a good VPN does that for you:

Your Browsing History

You don’t want your searches to be linked back to you and this happens only when you have a lock on being discovered with your browser history. A best free vpn will do this for you effortlessly. The internet service provider who charges us a fixed amount each month, yeah they can see all of our searches, shocking? 

Not only the internet search provider but the many websites you visit can keep our information and search history with them, don’t know what they do but they do it in the name of providing personalized content to their users. 

If you don’t have a good vpn service then you are subjected to pop up ads every now and then. Maybe you searched for hair fall cure and the next day you see many hair supplements ads and hair oils crowding your social media. Who would want that? 

Your Location and IP Address

Your IP address is your device location same as your home address that will connect anyone to your home, an IP Address will change as you move with your laptop so it’s like you are being followed everywhere you go, creepy Joe Goldberg vibe! If you don’t use a best free VPN for your device you are accessible at all times which is not a good thing. 

And with a VPN you will be subjected to an IP address that is not your own so you can be worry free about your searches being traced back to you at any time. 

Your Streaming

How many times have we streamed a video or a movie and got access just by changing our location? That is a living proof what a VPN does for you! 

If you are paying for a subscription service which is only in your country and you move away but cannot resume the service. Then what do you do? You change your location, so the streaming network would be like, did you even move? 

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Your Devices

Cyber Criminals are scary. They look cool in movies wearing hoodies and sitting in their dark corners but being a target of a cyber-criminal is no fun. A VPN can help shield your computers from snooping eyes, for your desktop computer, notebook, mobile, and smartphone. 

When you access the internet, your computers can be a prime target for cybercriminals, particularly if you’re using a public Wi-Fi network. In short, a VPN encrypts the data you send and receive on your computers, making it impossible for hackers to track your every breath.

Web Activity 

Not only a best free VPN hides your search history but also remain unaware of your web activity. You wouldn’t want anyone to know you search for things that you do. Whether it is how to boil water or something really dark like how to make bomb at home. (We don’t appreciate that), a best free VPN hides all your web activates from your internet service provides as well as some websites which try to get too personal. 

Top Reliable VPN of 2022 – Comparisons and Features 

The Free VPN vs. Paid VPN is a battle that has been going on for years. Both types have their own benefits and downfalls but with a paid VPN you get increased results as the servers are fast and you will also get improved security. Some of the best VPN for 2022 are discussed below:


The NordVPN is the world’s biggest VPN brand and it is for all the right reasons. Even if you are new to the world of VPNs Nord VPN must have been a familiar name for you. The advertisers, positive and happy customers are a main reason why this company is so popular. The service offers a reasonable rate of $3.71 per month which is reasonable considering the benefits that come with the service. 

Considering the packages and features combined in Nord VPN this service offers a great deal. This is simple one of the most used and number one VPN for the year 2022. If you are looking for a great service to provide you the right amount of internet security, then NordVPN should be your ultimate choice. The 30 days money back guarantee also makes this service the best free vpn for android as well as the best free vpn for kickass torrent and mac. 

Express VPN

Express VPN offers the initial 30 days free trial after that you are free to make your own decision. The company can thus be called the best free vpn for chrome or even the best free vpn for Windows that works for all PC and laptops. 

Proton VPN 

Proton VPN is a good choice when you are looking for the best free VPN for iPhone. Although it has its own limitations that a free VPN would have such as limited support and a limitation on browsing and loading times as well. But you can get a surprising lot more features then you would imagine in a free VPN service. Rated as the Best VPN service for free, this product has really something to offer. 

Hotspot Shield Free VPN

The Hotspot shield VPN has a paid version that offers one of the best VPN services but its free option is also one of the best free VPN services out there. You get 500 MB Data limit for each day and a single server to operate with but it is very simple to set up and even easier to use. 

If protection is your top priority, Hotspot is on the same page as most premium VPNs, boasting the same High level encryption. In addition to its stability, Hotspot Shield Free is known for its ease of use. You won’t notice the annoying user interface provided by other rivals, whether on smartphones or on desktop.

Tunnel Bear

Known to provide high level security with great ease, this VPN is a great pick for anyone who loves a little secrecy as well as no financial burden. Although it’s paid package is not very pricey but the free version is also a good thing. The most significant limitation of the free plan is the monthly traffic restriction of 500MB. 

Since it’s just a small number, you should just do it anytime you feel like you need a little more security and choose to go the unrestricted path. You won’t be able to do it all of the time, and you won’t be able to use it for torrenting or uploading.

How to Choose the Best Free VPN for You? – Final Thoughts

Paying for a service that you could have gotten for free means expecting much more than the usual. With the paid VPN service you cannot settle for something less. While a price may seem similar for two VPN services or one may be cheaper, it does not necessarily mean you don’t have to dig deep to find the best free VPN or even a paid VPN for you. 

Before making a choice for a VPN service there are some necessary conditions a VPN service must fulfill in order to be considered reliable. 

  • A VPN Service must respect your privacy that is the whole point of using an interface that provides you security and hides your information. To check that, the VPN Service must offer a no-log policy so they are not able to track the logs for your online activities. 
  • Bandwidth can be a major decision factor for you, depending on your internet use. Check to see how you’ll get absolute, unmetered bandwidth and no data caps to ensure their plans are right for you.
  • Make a list of the server locations that are most important to you. If you want to look as if you’re browsing the Internet from a certain location, make sure that country has a server.
  • The VPN you choose should be able to offer variety of devices in a single go. It must allow you to use typically three to five devices and all at the same time without causing you any hindrance in speed or performance. 

If cost is a concern, you can believe that a free VPN is the best alternative. However, keep in mind that while certain VPN providers are free, you might end up paying in other ways, such as being bombarded with ads or getting your personal details gathered and sold to third parties. And risking your sensitive information and privacy for a free version does not sound like a good ideal. The best VPN Services may lack in some way too but they never compromise on privacy.