There have been a pool of best free VPN for windows over the years. And even though this is a great thing to have so many options at your disposal so you can choose the best one for you, this also makes choice much harder. To find the best free VPN for windows here is a list of top VPNs that you need to keep in mind. And they do not just say free but they are free in real and also reliable when it comes to your secure data. 

Best Free VPN for Windows 

Before it gets too late to secure your windows from external threats and cyberbullies, let’s get started on the best Free VPN for Windows:

Nord Vpn

Nord VPN rated as the best VPN service has various reasons to be on the top of our list. For starters, it supports many platforms whether it be android, IOS, or the best free VPN for windows. Nord VPN has VPN servers in over more than 60 countries and the wide number of 5000 servers is the reason why it is one of the most reliable and safe VPN services there is. It does not keep your log activity online and offers 24/7 customer support. 

Express Vpn

ExpressVPN protects online activity from three-letter companies and scammers. It provides unrestricted access to music, social media, and video, with no IP addresses, browser history, DNS requests, or traffic destination being logged. With Express VPN you will get internet connectivity without any limitation on bandwidth. Totally leakproof and one of the best free VPNs for windows, this service offers high-quality data encryption so no one can peek into your sensitive information and personal details.

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IP Vanish

With over 1400 servers located across 80 countries, this VPN is a commercial-level VPN service provider. It is known to be one of the fastest and safest platforms online to surf and enjoy safe browsing. You can remain tress-free as IP Vanish does not track or record any of your activity and you can easily switch from one server to another. The app is also a great addition if you need better services and uninterrupted data surfing. 

Proton Vpn

You can use ProtonVPN to browse the internet anonymously, unblock websites, and encrypt your internet link. This free VPN for PC preserves your privacy by using a high-speed Swiss VPN server. Proton VPN has more than 436 servers available in over 30 countries. You can surf your favorite sites without being in the fear of being watched and noted. This is one of the most secure and fastest vpn when it comes to best free VPN for windows

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A free windows app for free vpn? This is a dream come true. is one of the best free vpn when it comes to various platforms. It can work not only for windows but also for android, iOS, and macOS, Linux, Amazon and YouTube. You can also use this free VPN for Spotify and enjoy hours of endless streaming. provides 10GB Data per month as well as no restrictions on bandwidth or streaming speed. also offers a great support for easy torrenting. 


Windscribe is truly a wonder that offers 10GB of data per month. You can have endless streaming of content and videos and enjoy a great watch time. All you need is to provide your email address if you want to avail 10GB otherwise, the Vpn restricts to you only to 2GB per month. Windscribe is one of the best free VPN for windows for many reasons. It has a no-log policy, high quality security level and ad blocker too. For a free vpn it offers surprisingly a lot of features at once. 

Best Free VPN for Windows: List of Best Free VPN In 2022


With this VPN no one will be able to locate you. This service lives up to its name by providing you the right way to be hidden. Unlocator gives you the freedom to browse the internet while protecting your anonymity. Your network link is encrypted while you use this programme, and all of your network behavior is stable. It offers service in more than 36 countries and you can use it for more than 50 platforms. There are no reported leaks nor privacy threat when you use this VPN for safe browsing. 


Astrill is also another no-log VPN that lets you browse your VPN link with various devices on your home network, such as Xbox, Roku Boxes, and PS4. With 5 simultaneous connections, you can link your entire home or office to VPN. Astrill offers more than 113 cities with their servers based in it as well as an option to let you connect devices to any server. It offers one of the best free VPN services for windows and that too for free. 


Ideal for P2P sharing, Hidemyass is a reliable VPN service that does not compromise on integrity in any way. It keeps your online activity and browsing history safe from predators and allows you to surf without having any fear of being traced back to you. This service is dedicated to take no logs nor does it reveals your private information to third party. It is definitely one of the best free VPN for windows

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F-Secure Vpn

Secure to the best, this vpn will hide your IP address by tossing you to another location. You will not be able to be identified where you are surfing from even though someone spends hours on finding to do so. The F secure freedom vpn is perfect for online banking and confidential transactions where you cannot take a risk with your monetary measures. This VPN is mostly used for people dealing with e-commerce transactions, sorting out taxes, browsing sensitive information and streaming confidential content. 

It provides an unlimited bandwidth as well as an access to geo-blocked content with no issues. You also do not need to add any card details to use this VPN.