Not everything that declares to be free is amazing and you must be aware of that. Internet is full of scams and frauds released by cyber bullies who are eager to hack your sensitive information and use it for their own benefit. While best free VPN for torrenting is a true thing and some of them really work, you need a reliable guide so you don’t pick out a faulty VPN for you.

Bases on security, functionality, speed, and covering up all the needs as well as offering P2P compatibility, there are only few Best Free VPN for torrenting and lucky for you, we have gathered them all. 

Express VPN

Express VPN does everything to create your trust. The platform offers a trial basis with 30 days money back guarantee. It is one of the best choices for best free VPN for torrenting. You will get great download speeds and up to 3000 servers located in over 90 countries. The platform also offers no log policy and a great P2P support on every server. You can stream everything from Endless Netflix, HBO Max, Vudu, Hulu and many more. 

Best Free VPN for PC

Nord VPN

No reason to be listed on second, this VPN is as great as the first candidate on our list. It offers more than 5000 servers located in different cities so you get complete anonymity and full protection against privacy invaders. You can also select your own server and the platform has no logging policy too. With an option to form up to six connections at once this VPN device is fast and offers great speed. 


A best free VPN for torrenting that offers you swift and reliable surfing speeds. You can connect various servers at once and enjoy endless streaming on your favorite platforms. The website is leak proof and has no log policy. You can also easily bookmark your favorite sites for future use and enjoy a vast number of 3200 servers. For a best free vpn for torrenting, this is surely one of the best because it provides unlimited data allowance. 


It is a paid VPN service but also offers a free version which is one of the best. VPN users can access all the security features a paid VPN offers and with a data allowance of 10GB. Considering you don’t to have pay for this VPN the 10GB free data is much more than expected. Another great thing about this free VPN service is that it is available in both application and browser form and you can get an extension for almost every browser. 

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One of the best free VPN for torrenting or any other platform that comes in your way, offers 2GB free data every month as well as P2P compatible servers in all locations. The only catch it, it does not offer P2P friendly server in the USA. With this VPN you will get unlimited speed and bandwidth as well as a strong encryption. The platform doesn’t ask for any personal or financial details in order for you to have a free account. However, there is a server location so you may experience a lag in speed.  

Tunnel Bear

A simple and best free VPN for torrenting that is ideal for small VPN uses. This platform has servers in more than 22 places all over the world. You will get 500 MB data per month and a high level security. So don’t worry about cyber criminals invading your privacy as this platform offers no log policy as well. You can stream on all your favorite platforms such as HBO, GO, YouTube, Spotify and Kodi. 


Totally private and keeping up to its name, this VPN offers complete security and allows you to surf any website you need without any hassle. This VPN has more than 100 servers in multiple parts of the world and you can use it on a number of devices at the same time. The data allowance is unlimited and you can enjoy multiple streaming platforms anytime and anywhere from the world. The free trial lasts for 7 days and after that you can extend this service for high quality video streaming. 

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Best Free VPN for Torrenting

Although Free VPN offer you great features for a service that does not come for any high rates but there are several limitations to it. Sometimes you will be compromised on privacy (which is not the base with our collection of best free VPN for torrenting) and sometimes the features will be limited.