Your PC deserves complete protection against harmful privacy invaders and bacteria of internet. You cannot reveal and let your sensitive information be discovered by anyone or everyone. Which is why you need a best free VPN for PC. Why best and why free?

Because nothing lesser than best can protect your privacy and not everyone wants to pay for a VPN service. Sure a paid VPN service has more benefits as compared to a free VPN service but if you need basic features then there is no harm in looking for a best free VPN for PC

Here are some of the best picks for best free VPN for PC

Nord VPN 

A best free VPN choice for many platforms whether it is PC, android, mac or any other service. This VPN is known for its top notch security and an availability of over 5000 servers distributed over 60 locations worldwide. The software does not store any information nor does it use any personal to financial details to keep you worried. You will get a great support and a freedom from any VPN that keeps your log activity online. 

Express VPN 

Express VPN provides secure browsing and internet surfing without you having to compromise your sensitive information and details to everyone. The platform is one of the best free vpn for PC and many other platforms. With servers in over 160 locations that are distributed over 94 countries, the platform connects you to VPN without any limitations on bandwidth and streaming speeds. You will also get great protection against leaks and a safe encryption. Express VPN also offers a great customer support and you can contact their team anytime you want. 

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VPN Unlimited 

To get a complete security on data of all kinds, VPN unlimited is the best deal. It offers you complete privacy against all the online activity you do. You can browse the internet without any hindrance on streaming speeds and leaking your information to harmful websites online. Another great thing about this service is that it has super-fast servers that are located in many locations across the world. VPN unlimited offers connectivity 


With browsec you get an option to surf endless content from wherever you want. it has more than 400 servers that are spread across 36 countries. You can access to any kind of content even if it has geo restrictions on it. Another great thing about this VPN Service is that, if your VPN is not connected then your browsing will be restricted so your privacy is not compromised unknowingly. You can achieve complete anonymity while browsing some websites and it is all for great security purposes. 

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Tiger VPN

Playing a great role as blocking harmful content online and providing you as the best free VPN for PC, Tiger VPN protects your privacy like no other. This platform will help you improve the streaming speed and you access to all the sites whether private or open. You will get meshed IP address in order to protect your privacy from privacy invaders and the best thing about this VPN service is that it does not lag while you stream videos or play video games online. With over 300 servers located in 62 locations you will have a great VPN service that too for free. 

Proton VPN free

For a best free VPN for PC, having unlimited monthly traffic sounds like a dream come true. This VPN offers high level privacy and the best part? You will be amazed too. Despite being a free VPN service you are not subjected to unnecessary ads or pop ups that annoy you. With an extremely high level of privacy your log details will be kept confidential and there is no need for sign up to use the free version. If you want to extend the great services you can purchase the packages which are also not very expensive. However, there is a limitation with speeds and the VPN also does not support P2P compatibility. 

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Windscribe not making to any list of best free VPN is a bummer because this service is amazing. It supports many platforms and one of them is PC. You will get up to 25 server locations and a 10GB monthly bandwidth with high operating speeds. The VPN offers great privacy and a system that notifies you about data remaining and data used. This VPN does not ask for your personal and private details not require a sign up from you every time you need to log in. 


Just as the name suggests, this VPN is great on speed but does not deal well with a lot of traffic. You could experience a little bit lag when there is a lot of content to stream and this could be an issue. Other than that it has many reasons to be on the list of best free VPN for PC. It offers many servers so giving you complete anonymity. The servers are all scattered and form strong connections. The surfing speed is extremely good which serves as a plus point considering this is a free VPN service. 

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Choosing the Best Free VPN for PC

To choose the best Free VPN for PC there are various things you need to consider. The choice of best free vpn for PC you make is dependent on many things and most importantly it is always specific to your needs. If you want good speed then you might have to compromise on other features. If you want unlimited data then speed might not be that great in your chosen VPN service. However some of the best free VPN for PC are those that offer great security and a privacy to help you enjoy streaming without compromising your privacy.