Finding a free VPN that protects your privacy and does not compromise the integrity of your data is a tough thing and if you are looking for the best free VPN for Mac then gladly your search ends here. The top VPN we have chosen are known for best features in no price and they also are totally secure. If you are not willing to pay a subscription fee for VPN then there is no better option than any of these best free VPN for Mac. 

Proton VPN

Can a free VPN provide you unlimited data streaming and endless bandwidth? Yes, everything is possible with the proton VPN and you can be a part of the happy Proton VPN clan too. If you are looking for a best free vpn for mac that not only protects your privacy and ensures your safety but also helps you get the best free services then you must look no beyond. 

However there is a limitation of location in the free mode but it is worth it since your privacy will be kept intact no matter what. Moreover, the no log policy is also a great deal in this best free vpn for mac. 

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Nord VPN 

Whenever there is a list of best free vpn chances are it will not be complete without nord vpn making to it. Nord vpn is known for its high surfing speeds and great security. The platform offers 30 days trial and you can use this vpn service on up to si devices at the same time. Having a great compatibility for P2P connections, this vpn service is foolproof and free from all kinds of security threats. 

Nord VPN does not keep any data logs and you can ensured of your safety because of the double data encryption feature of this service. 


With a data limit of 2 GB per month, users can be free about the amount of data they use and surf. 2GB is a huge amount of data when we are talking about the best free VPN for mac. This VPN has servers in more than 20 locations so chances of your privacy being violated and closest to zero. 

This VPN offers high connection speed that is too unreal and amazing for a free vpn service also you can get twice the data amount as an ordinary VPN service. There is a certain limitation with this product since it is known to keep log data partially but in no way it acts as a threat to your privacy. 

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Express VPN 

Express VPN has three thousand servers available for your free vpn needs. This service is very easy to set up and has an extremely high speed as well as a secure connection. Compatible with most devices and many platforms, the express vpn is one of the best free and paid vpn service that you could get. With a highly secure connection through encryption, you will get amazing speeds and an online data surfing that will be of great advantage for you. 

Vypr VPN

A great choice especially for best free vpn for Mac. With this free vpn service you will get a new IP address and ID overtime you go online. Providing complete privacy and transparency of your data records, this vpn service ensures you get zero threat on being discovered and a great way to protect your web activity and all the data surfing. A great protection from the cyber criminals, this vpn protects your privacy to the best. 

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Private Tunnel

Private tunnel is a paid VPN service that will allow you 2GB of free data before you have to go on and upgrade to the paid version. This VPN service is one of the most highly preferred best free vpn for mac and it is known for all the right reasons. It however offers a very limited number of servers but that does not mean your privacy is at stake but it is not as better as other versions either. 

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot shield is both free and paid like most of the amazing and best free vpn for mac. This service is commonly used by millions of people for their mobile phones and part of the reason is their easy to use features and adaptability that allow it to access many servers without being discovered. 

Your internet connection will be secured with this vpn and you will get a service that helps you have a secure data transmission. The hotspot shield lives up to its name and also keeps your device free from malware. So it is both a free vpn for mac as well as an anti-virus. 

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Tunnel Bear

Making your life even easier with the auto on service, this vpn does not need to be start up each time you open your mac device or any other device. Tunnel bear allows you to have 500 MB free data per month which is ideal for your basic surfing needs. Also if you are in threat of being revealed, the vpn will block your access to ensure your safety.

This fantastic VPN, which was originally designed for the German market, is now available in English. Users will choose from three sets to find the one that best suits their needs. This are the bundles that are available for free, plus, and premium. 

The trial edition is an excellent way to see what the app has to do when considering whether or not to purchase it. has top-notch encryption (no data transfer logs), as well as high speeds and a variety of protocols from which to select computers. The company claims that it has 1800 servers in 72 locations around the world, allowing users to communicate from many devices at the same time.

Best Free VPN for MAC

Having the option to try a VPN Service for free whether you are planning to pay for vpn or not is a great way of finding the best vpn choices and filtering through some. Many great vpn companies offer free trials to ensure you have trust and sense of security with them.