Eyelash curler may not be a vital product for every makeup routine but you need it to achieve perfection. You might think that it is not quite practical to use a curler every day before you head out but that is because you know it as a tool that requires a lot of effort to work. That could be true but only if you’re using the wrong product. If you are blessed with naturally curled lush eyelashes, congratulations, we all envy you. But for the rest of us who wake up with tired eyes and the lashes are bent straight downward, a curler can do wonders.

Adding the eyelash curler to your daily makeup routine before you apply the mascara can help keep your look fresh all day long. No longer would you have to go to the restroom every two hours to check if the product in the lashes is holding up well or not. This is why we have picked the best eyelash curler for straight lashes as well as all the other types that you can easily choose from. They have been tested by the experts and reviewed by the users so you can take your pick from our selection. Let’s begin.