Amid the greens and blues of white eyes, the fashion industry has always been obsessed with the unique shape of brown Asian eyes. For most of them, their eyes are the most defining feature of their face as they stand out with the thick eyelashes and droopy lids that make them look gorgeous. Despite the eyes not being very common in the Western, the fashion bloggers love to recreate the look in their own makeup routines and try to achieve the droopiness of the Asian eyes.

Speaking medically, what makes those types of eyes different from the rest is the lack of plumps or lines in the pin. The shape of the eye is quite neat but not almond as is usually defined. In fact, not all Asian eyes can be categorized into one shape because like the rest of the world, they also come in different sizes. Fashion blogger Claire Light has talked about this extensively, mentioning that people don’t have almond-shaped eyes in East Asia despite what the common perception is. It is the beauty standard in the Western world that is projected everywhere else.

The fact, however, remains. Asian eyes are quite different and with the right curl to the eyelashes, they can enhance their look. Most of the time, your eyelashes can drastically affect your appearance and if you want to be on the A game of your makeup, keep reading to find the best eyelash curler for Asian eyes.