For years, English Laundry has been producing some of the best cologne. They originally made their mark in 2010 with their brand, and they’ve never looked back since, growing to offer a wide range of scents that will appeal to any nose! Different perfumes will elicit different memories for each person.

Our olfactory sense, according to research, builds stronger memories of people and locations than any other sense. With this in mind, English Laundry has a wide range of colognes to choose from. Before we get started, a word about notes: Top notes are the first to appear in a blend, are usually lighter, and vanish quickly. The middle or heart notes are full-bodied and long-lasting, and they help to harmonize and balance the top and base notes. The base notes are the densest, richest fragrances in the blend, and they assist in anchoring it and giving it longevity.

But how can you know which one is right for you? The Best English Laundry Cologne for Men in 2021 is listed below. View the notes, season, and other details to help you choose the best one for you!