Electric scooters have begun to become all the craze immediately. These days, kids have begun to prefer an electrical scooter far more than a kick scooter. They’re not only trendy but provide a sleek and modern to the scooter also. When buying a best electric scooter for kids, they usually prefer to get an electric scooter that helps them travel around town efficiently.

Getting an electric scooter for kids is a big investment. It’s important that you decide on an electric scooter with remarkable safety equipment and ensure the younger kids have a smooth ride. It’s also recommended that you pick a wholesaler like LA Scooter Pros who are trustworthy and offer the best quality vehicles.

We understand how difficult of a choice it’s. That’s why we’ve made a precise guide about the best electric scooters for kids you can find and what features you need to consider before deciding on one


The top speed of an electrical scooter is seen as one of the most prominent features of an electric scooter. In many cases regarding a traditional kick scooter, you simply get one speed offered that’s supposed to work at all times. That’s not the case with electric scooters for kids. These electric scooters for kids are capable of keeping steady on all three different speed levels that are usually offered. 

We can take the LA Scooter Pros A11 electric scooter as an example. This electric scooter for kids comes with three different speed levels installed; the eco mode that comes with 9mphs, the moderate mode with 12mphs, and the top speed provides up to 15mphs. This is seen to be an incredible feature to have available in scooters because young riders have got to have some sort of control over the speed that they are driving at. 

Kids can activate the scooter’s motor by using the push button throttle and controlling the speed using the twist grip throttle, ensuring that these kids ride safely.


An electric scooter for kids is judged to be the best by its battery life and the max speed the battery offers. Unlike standard push scooters, most electric scooters for kids come equipped with a lithium battery that helps boost up the scooter’s speed. 

Advantageously, an electric scooter for kids uses a lithium battery because not only are they considered too much safer than other battery types, but they’re also known to be environmentally friendly, keeping your kids away from any toxic gases and making sure they’re not harmed in any way.

The battery of an electric scooter for kids has a hand in making sure the motor kicks work, the power it has, and that the LED lights, brake style, digital display, and many other accessories work properly for a long period. These lithium batteries have a high-energy cruise control mode that’s equipped with high density and low levels of self-discharge rate even when the scooter is moving at maximum speed.


There’s no use buying an electric scooter for kidsif you’re not aware of the range that it provides. All the other features won’t matter for your kid when they’d be stuck in the middle of the road because the electric scooter died on them. To make sure that your child and even older kids have a smooth ride, it’s crucial to get an electric scooter that can offer you a good range. Unlike push scooters, many electric scooters for kids come with an average range of 6-25 miles. Los Angeles Scooter Pros is a big example. Their A3 electric scooter for kids provides a range of 20-26 miles, ensuring a smooth and safe ride

Because the electric scooter would have a good range, your child would be less stressed about being having to bring the scooter back home if it ran out of charge


Brake style

Most electric scooters for kids have similar brake styles. A kick scooter typically only comes with only one brake style, them being either foot brakes or a hand-operated front brake. Since electric scooters provide a much better braking system, they’ve started to get more in demand. 

The way you decide which one’s the best electric scooter for your kid is to see if it come with an electric brake that’s suitable for a foot brake or a rear brake. You should also notice if it’s equipped with a rear fender brake. These electric brakes work because of the electricity that’s transported through them by lithium batteries. 

Brakes are considered to be important for anyone, whether it’s kids or adults. Even if you’re driving at maximum speed or cruise control mode, various brake styles, like the rear foot brake and disc brakes, work to ensure that the stops are safe. The Los Angeles Scooter Pros brings forward its Moped electric scooter that’s considered to be the best electric scooter for kids. The moped scooter is equipped with disc brakes that work to make sure that the scooter stops efficiently and causes no trouble to its rider. 

Some electric scooters are even equipped with a rear fender which helps them by taking the hit every time the scooter is slammed into anything. These are counted as part of the safety gear that’s installed in the electric scooter for kids. That’s because they provide them safety at all speeds including max speed and help ensure that they don’t get hurt due to an accident caused by brake failure.

Powerful Motor

The motor of your vehicle holds great importance. The main reason that any electric vehicle, including electric scooters, works, is because of the motor it possesses. The motor of an electric scooter not only handles the max speed but also the acceleration and the hill-climbing capacity. Every electric scooter for kids comes equipped with one motor, but those that are high quality offer two. 

Unlike a regular scooter that comes with a chain-driven motor, electric scooters usually come with a DC motor. A DC motor is considered to be much more powerful and provides a better quality ride. An electric scooter for kids that comes with two motors tends to be able to reach better speeds compared to other motors and offer a remarkable thumb throttle. 

Los Angeles Scooter Pros offers their urban drift electric scooter that comes with a dual motor. It provides solid wheels and a twist throttle that can make the scooter zoom up to about 37mphs. Due to this, the urban drift electric scooter for kids has great control. 

Since the motor handles so much, it’s advised to find a scooter that’s equipped with the best quality motor. 

Safety Features

It’s highly important to make sure that you’re safe when driving any electric vehicle. It’s recommended that everyone should have the proper safety gear when driving, but that’s not all. As much as safety gears can ensure that we stay protected, they can only do so much. That’s why electric scooters need to have the proper safety features installed to make sure that you’re safe while driving. 

As part of safety features, every electric scooter for kids comes equipped with a retractable kickstand to make it stand upright. But that’s not enough to keep you safe. 

All electric scooters for kids need to have the necessary features which would keep their rider clear of any injuries while driving even if it’s at night or at maximum speed. This includes scooters having a bright headlight or LED lights on the sides to help you have a better vision. Apart from lights, your handlebar height is also very crucial to keep you safe. If it’s too short or too high, there’s a very high possibility that you fall trapped in an accident. 

Good quality brakes like a rear foot braked and hand brakes are also important. All these features in an electric scooter for kids work together to make sure your child is driving safely. That’s why it’s important that you check all these before making a purchase


A twist throttle, although typically used for acceleration, can be used for other reasons as well. A thumb or a twist throttle are used as safety features because the speed of the scooter can be controlled due to them. This helps in avoiding any speed relating accidents and keeping the scooter steady. 

An electric scooter’s throttle also helps achieve targetted performance and improves the quality of the drive. Not just that, they also improve the battery performance if used properly since the battery would be used in a way that’s appropriate. 

LED Lights

LED lights are extremely crucial in electric scooters for kids,  every electric scooter comes with a bright headlight or safety lights as safety features. This is an important feature to have for an electric scooter for kids since many kids prefer to take their scooter out for a late-night drive or drive even in bad weather. This can not only be dangerous without lights but also incredibly stressful for the parents. The lights stop that from happening. 

LA Scooter Pros understands that LED lights in an electric scooter are important; that’s why they make sure that all their electric scooters are equipped with the best-LED lights, just like the X4 electric scooter that we offer. The X4 scooter comes with LED safety lights that are bright enough for you to be sure that your child is driving safely no matter what. 

Wheel Size and Material

Electric scooters for teenagers usually accompany wheels that are perfect for teenagers to use. The rear-wheel or the front wheel are both of equal importance so they need to be accurately sized and are fabricated from good material. But first of all, you would like to recommend that you make sure the handlebar height is acceptable for your child for them to not have any trouble controlling the wheels.

There are different types of wheels that are manufactured in electric vehicles. These include air-filled tires, airless tires, urethane tires, and many more. The wheels of the scooter help make sure that they can handle the weight limit that it’s supposed to while ensuring that you can reach speeds that the scooter allows without any trouble. 

After considering the material of the wheels, the size and shape also need to be considered. The wheels are measured in diameters which helps you make the best choice for your child regarding the size and width of the wheel


Every other feature aside, an electric scooter is judged by the design it offers. In today’s generation, kids prefer a scooter that’s up to date with fashion trends and offers them a sleek design. 

Electric scooters for kids are designed in a way that provides kids a good brake style, powerful motor, marvelous rear-wheel, and a front-wheel quality, and also the clean and neat look that they want. That’s a package that most people just can’t deny. The one-step folding system also falls in this category. 

Most kids, especially older kids, want an electric scooter because it’s much more convenient. The one-piece folding system helps with that. 

This mechanism helps kids carry the scooter anywhere by pressing a single button and being able to fold it. This is incredibly useful for kids who are legally allowed to drive their scooters to school. They can carry the scooter in school by just folding it and putting it in their locker. 

Just like the A3 electric scooter by LA Scooter Pros, most electric scooters for kids provide this option. It’s perfect for kids who want to roam around town while not worrying about where to place their scooter if need be.