Bleaching is one of the most popular methods to amp up the style of the hair and the hunt for best hair bleach for dark hair rarely goes as planned.

Because when it comes to our hair, we are either very cautious or very reluctant. There is nothing in between! If you are the former type, then this best bleach for dark hair review is for you. We have put up 4 of the competitors on trial so you can decide which one will add to your collection of hair products. So, let’s start!  

4 Best Bleach for Hair

1.      Schwarzkopf Professional Blond Me Premium

2.      Wella Blondor Multi Blonde Powder

3.      Jolen Creme Bleach Original Formula

4.      Clairol Professional BW2 Hair Powder Light

Schwarzkopf Professional Blond Me Premium

Are you worried how you are going to carry the lifts? Don’t worry; this product has 9 levels that are easiest to lift.

This allows the user to bleach their hair and expect the different shades to give company to your hair; from icy to platinum, you name it and that shade shall be yours! Plus, the best part about this bleach is that even if it feels like it has an overpowering smell, it won’t leave your hair with a bleach type scent but rather only good quality.

Product Pros

  • 9 easy to lift levels
  • Ash blonde to platinum shades
  • Can be used with or without developer

Product Cons

  • May cause irritation in scalp

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Wella Blondor Multi Blonde Powder

This product on our list offers 7 different levels for your hair. With this hair bleach powder, you can expect vibrant shades to accompany your hair as you lift your dark locks. Plus, unlike other hair bleaching products, there won’t be an end result with brassy tones hugging your hair.

This item on our list is designed with the best of the ingredients and contains anti-yellow pigments. What are those for? They can help in removing all the lighter tones that you normally found after bleaching your hair? Those annoying warm tones? Precisely! Say goodbye with a smile because they will not be found with the use of this hair product.

Plus, this item is a powder so you don’t have to live with a messy solution but rather a very easy applying method!

Product Pros

  • Developer friendly
  • Instant results within an hour
  • Has 7 levels of lighting tones

Product Cons

  • Not the best packaging

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Jolen Creme Bleach Original Formula

Jolen is one of the most popular brands in the bleaching industry. Its products are recognized far and wide and this item wouldn’t be too shy of being the best either!

The hair product is unique in the sense that it can lighten any hair on your body. If you are not satisfied with the sudden change of your hair color, maybe you can lighten your eyebrows too? That would make it look like it is your natural hair color, right? Well, this secret is exactly what the Jolen Crème Bleach is offering.

Plus, the best part about this item is that it is infused with aloe vera. Hence, whenever you apply this product on your hair, you can expect minimal to zero irritation.

Product Pros

  • Easy to use formula
  • Doesn’t make a mess
  • Doesn’t cause irritation

Product Cons

  • Requires reapplying to attain the perfect shade

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Clairol Professional BW2 Hair Powder Light

If you are worried that your hair is so dark it won’t lighten up, don’t worry! This hair product on our list can tackle the most stubborn of dark hair and lighten them up without any hassle.

Most of all, the best feature about this product is that it doesn’t take too long to give results. You can apply the formula on your hair, wait around for a few hours, and then expect your hair to lighten from its previous darker shades. Plus, you don’t need to reapply as many times as you think; only a few proper two or three rounds will do the job for you!

It is a great product for beginners who are looking for an easy to apply formula!

Product Pros

  • It is a budget-friendly option
  • Easy to use formula
  • Gives good results in providing a lighter shade

Product Cons

  • Strong smell
  • Takes reapplying

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Buying Guide

Are you still not sure which product is a good bleach for hair? do you think a bad bleach will damage your hair? it is all part of a god thought-process and we understand your doubts!

Don’t worry, we are not done with our blog yet. This buying guide can help you get the best hair bleach in town! all you have to do is follow these standards that you can consider before the purchase and you will surely have a valuable purchase added to your collection of hair products.

Customer Review

The best thing that you can do to consider for a good purchase is see the customer reviews of the product. Are they worth the buy? can the product be relied upon? It will give you a sense of whether the product is a scam or not!

Result Duration

The next thing you should consider is whether or not the product gives instant results. If you have to reapply and apply again, then that would not only take up your time but also bore you off the process really quick.

Levels of Lighting   

How many levels of shades are you expecting from a bleach? Normally, there are a lot that a product can offer. Some go as high as 9! But the choice rests up to you because you nee to opt for the lighting level that would look good on you!


Wrapping up, there are a lot of doubts that surround the mind of a person looking to bleach their hair. And it is completely normal! Because whenever you are seeking the best bleach for hair at home, you would want it to give you good results. Otherwise, you are just gambling with money to take a risk for your hair! however, we aren’t here to scare you but rather the opposite; inform you!

Get your hair bleaching products by doing thorough research and save your money and hair from a daunting risk!

Frequently Asked Questions

1.      What Kind of Bleach is Best for Hair?

It depends upon your needs. How much of a lightening level are you after? Can you work with two or three iterations with applying? How good is your budget? Answer these questions and research well to get the best bleach powder.

2.      Does Hair Bleach Brand Matter?

No, you only need the product that can give you what you want. The brands and prices don’t matter.

3.      What Should You Not Do When Bleaching Your Hair?

  • Don’t use any hair styling tools for at least 3 weeks after application.
  • Avoid using harsh products on your hair to get the best results.
  • Don’t skip using the conditioner and oils that you normally use for your hair care routine.
  • Don’t forget to take advice and help from professionals regarding your hair treatment process.