Everyone has different priorities when it comes to the best beach towels: Some tourists choose ones that fold up into almost nothing, while others prefer ones that keep them sand-free. Families, on the other hand, may emphasize size over anything else. Nevertheless, there are basic requirements that every excellent towel should meet, regardless of what kind of trip you’re packing for (or if you’re only going to your backyard).

After toweling off, you want it to be soft, comfy, and spacious enough to lay out on and wrap about yourself. But, of course, there’s lots of diversity beyond that, so we put some of the best towels on the market to the test to see which ones are worth spending your money on—and packing in your suitcase.

Check out these best beach towels on the market right now, including an oversized family-friendly towel, quick-drying alternatives, and one that begs to be the hero of your holiday photos.