We all dream of affording current clothes and attractive accessories. Though it is a dream of every person to style themselves smoothly and in a beautiful manner. Although your closet may be filled with expensive goods, fashion is more about your personal style and how you present yourself to the world. After all nothing looks wiser than confidence and truth be told you need a fantastic dress to get that confidence to show out.

Berrylook reviews and the popular brand berrylook itself has caught online by the storm. The brand is notable for a versatile and attractive clothes line, inexpensive clothing and many-many accessories. Berrylook reviews are promising, but is the brand really an example of high-end design at a low cost?

The following facts about berrylook can be gleaned from our unbiased and in-depth reviews of the company.

  • Can You Trust Berrylook?
  • Berrylook Gets Lots of Praise
  • Berrylook Customer Dissatisfaction
  • Does Berrylook Allow Online Purchases?
  • Berrylook Customer Policies
  • Coupons for Berryloo

Before you spend your hard-earned money on this Hong Kong-based fashion business, learn everything there is to know about berrylook.

The Truth about Berrylook

It is well-known among fashionistas that there is no better place to shop for the current trends and a wide range of apparel than the internet. Additionally, both men and women are drawn to the variety of businesses that provide original concepts and eye-catching designs. After all, who can guide you better about the legitimacy and quality of a product other than the customers themselves?

Social media’s freedom of expression and scope are no laughing matter. All you need to understand about a service/ product is available online. Consumers who are well-informed about a brand do so long before they are ready to make a purchase. A helpful hand in this world of uncertainty, when everything is hit or miss, is what the berrylook reviews are like.

Though it is no secret fact that berrylook has garnered some bad press over the past few months and ever since the business has been formed since 2017, it isn’t true either that all they sell is frauds and illicit products. Berrylook, a Chinese company with headquarters in Hong Kong and operations in California, offers a wide range of cheaply priced goods.

Even if the items are nice and the pricing are reasonable, a company’s brand might not be strong enough to win over many loyal customers. What makes berrylook the reason of misery amongst people and why do some genuinely love this brand and keep coming back for more? Either bad customer service or an excessively extended delivery time are likely culprits. Could be the pricing or a little fault in cloth.

Concerns about berrylook are addressed here, along with the final decision on whether or not to include those items in your shopping cart.

What Will You Find At Berrylook?

The first thing that fashionistas wonder after reading about Berrylook’s fascinating past and the countless accolades it has received online is: What can I buy from Berrylook? Yes, berrylook makes the claim that “Your satisfaction is our main priority,” and the brand’s large range of items for men and women is evidence of this claim. These goods include:

  • Dresses
  • Shorts and tee-shirts
  • Blouses
  • Shoes
  • Pants
  • Trousers
  • Jumpsuits
  • Swimwear
  • Jewelry
  • Accessories
  • Scarfs
  • Bag

Despite the fact that the men’s product line is still in its infancy compared to the women’s, pricing have been found to be 40 percent lower than those of competing brands. The discounts given at berrylook are self-introduced and they actually don’t need a purpose to drop on those rates. This basic V-neck dress’s 70% discount raises the question: Is the deal too good to be true?

Berrylook Dresses Reviews

The brand goes with the term cheap dresses online for the berrylook dresses range. In addition, they claim to offer a large range of products and to ship anywhere in the world. Though it is true that they provide dresses of different varieties for women such as maxi dresses, bodycon dresses, skater dresses and shift dresses. The prints range from flowery to basic as well as something distinctive for the flexible lady in you.

The brand’s choice of fabric and the design of the berrylook dresses are also noteworthy. And as you look at the costs, the deals seem to be incredibly inexpensive for an average shopper looking to look their most stylish selves.

Review of Berrylook Shoes by eHow

Nevertheless, their shoe collection is enormous, and it’s safe to say that they have shoes to suit any style, fashion, and taste, for both men and women. You can get sandals, flats, loafers, pumps, sneakers, boots, mid-boots, ankle boots and long boots. Speaking about the quality, customer have had diverse experiences with the goods no matter what the category and the shoe line has also had its fair share of compliments and criticism.

Review of Berrylook

When it comes to reviews for a brand there are numerous parameters upon which a name is scored or evaluated. Berrylook is the same way. Before we go into the specifics of a product or the purpose of the reviews, it’s crucial to make sure we’ve checked all of the relevant boxes in the berrylook reviews.

Berrylook Shipping


Customers have said that this is the most problematic area. Customers have complained about the slowness of delivery. Despite this, manufacturers routinely make customers wait days (or even years) for their products to arrive, and some customers have even reported missing items in their orders. Like Really? Too awful!

Back to Berrylook


“WARNING!!!!!!! They will not replace your product or give you a refund for undesirable things. 9 times out of 10 you will be incredibly disappointed and stressed after purchasing from them. If you want to avoid being disappointed, then do yourself a favour and look for something else to buy.

The genuine words directly from the heart of a disappointed buyer or to be more specific an irate buyer. The remainder doesn’t need to be addressed, as berrylook’s claims for exchanges and returns are routinely questioned.

the sales of berries


Few customers have noticed the discrepancy between the sale price and the purchase price. And this is a matter of concern for the brand who isn’t sure enough about the price tag they set on their product.

Review of Berrylook Clothing


Some are truly satisfied with their dresses department and many individuals adore the choice of outfits mixed with inexpensive costs. There aren’t many positive berrylook clothing reviews online. It is claimed that the goods and its quality are shown in the website’s photographs.

Customer Service


While it is true that this is an international fashion label, the promise of worldwide shipping does come with a responsibility.. Berrylook, on the other hand, doesn’t appear to be doing enough. Many individuals regard berrylook to offer the worst customer service.

Berrylook Policies

Berry look’s official website clearly states its delivery policy, which gives the goods an authentic and legitimate air. However, it does not appear that the firm is fully cognizant of the principles they are advocating. Ironic enough? Orders over $69 will receive free shipping, as promised. However, the non-fulfillment of promise to deliver items in 15 days is what makes the bulk of consumers angry.

Secondly, the return policy which states you can return the merchandise within 30 days after purchase if unsatisfied is the worst deception of all. Not our words. They also promise full price refund except the delivery charges which seems a good deal only if they keep to it.

Berrylook Customer Reviews – What to Believe?

No matter how great a company has been, there will always be a few negative reviews. The problem begins when the brand is bombarded with criticism after criticism and fails to listen to the pleas of its customers. It appears that Berrylook only responds to the weeping clients (at least that’s what our research shows!) and is constantly besieged by all types of allegations and claims.

Berrylook Gets Lots of Praise

Many customers find the customer service and shipping by berrylook really decent however these reviews haven’t earned that much appreciation. There are also many consumers that have had a wonderful experience with the company but it is true that positivity doesn’t receive much publicity on the internet.

One customer review for berrylook noted ‘delivered as promised’ and that has something to say about the quality. Another one also claims that ‘fits as expected’ and this might be one of the reasons why berrylook is still operating. However one irate consumer had nothing to say for this organisation but only a single word: Scam!

Berrylook Customer Dissatisfaction

First things first: The internet is full with the unfavourable reviews regarding berrylook. As it turns out, the “Is berrylook a Scam?” inquiry is quite popular online.

Several Berrylook complaints allege that the company’s products are of poor quality. Some consumers also reported that when they went to return an item to Berrylook, they couldn’t find a return address and weren’t provided one.

Others claim that Berrylook defrauds clients by proposing a compensation for a returned item that never arrives. The bad evaluations and complains regarding the berrylook apparel line and service can be described in few points below:

  • Products were not as depicted in the photograph.
  • Unfortunately, there was no way to trace my order.
  • Late delivery
  • There will be no refunds or exchanges accepted.
  • The store is located in China exclusively despite having promised to be in California also
  • The sizes that were sent were incorrect

Utterly dissatisfied, heartbroken by the quality and no reaction received are some of the usual adjectives used for the berrylook by their so faithful and naïve consumers.

Coupons for Berrylook

Though the brand has earned several complaints yet the few lucky ones who received the things as promised are delighted with the price. Some people were even more fortunate, as they were able to take advantage of a berrylook coupon to receive even greater discounts. Imagine the thrill of receiving a product better than the amount you paid for it. Sure it is a risk to shop with berrylook however the berrylook coupons are being used by many people. And we have heard they save you as much as 80 percent on the shop costs.

Review of Berrylook: Is It Worth Taking a Chance on?

Berrylook appears to be a scam based on our research into customer complaints, online reviews, and company policies. While a minor fraction of consumers may acquire a high-quality goods in a timely way, this appears to be an infrequent event. Secondly, numerous consumers say that Berrylook scammed them by shipping those products that were not what they requested.

The unresponsiveness of customer service to majority of their clients show the little to no concern the corporation has towards their buyers. This is the most insulting thing a business can do to its loyal customers.

Berrylook has an alarmingly high number of negative reviews for a company that has only been around for four years, making a purchase a risky proposition.