SVG the abbreviation of Scalable Vector Graphics is a type of image file format which is based on XML, and it’s mainly used for the two-dimensional vector graphic formats. Unlike some pictures in raster image formats, such as PNG, GIF, or JPEG, the shapes on an SVG image can easily scale up while avoiding getting pixelated. That is why many people consider SVG file format as the first choice when generating maquettes.

However, some software doesn’t support SVG format, therefore users can only export PDF files with the raster images. What would you do if you get a PDF document but want to use the images in it as vector files? You should convert PDF to SVG. This context will introduce some of the best PDF to SVG converters on Windows, Mac, and online. Keep reading to know how to use them.

Remember That!
There are certain purposes behind transforming PDF documents very into vector SVG image files, the most obvious is the reason for the scalability offered by SVGs. However, you can start using a free PDF to SVG converter by which lets you export one or a batch of PDFs as SVG vector files online.